Double Door Conference Cabinets

Double Door Conference Cabinets

For Public Brainstorms or Private Ideas

The Conference Cabinet offers the ability to host an interactive brainstorming session then conceal your notes before the next meeting, adjusting to your needs as you progress through your day. With two beautiful finishes to choose from and a porcelain writing surface, the quality cabinet is just what you are looking for.

Double Door Conference Cabinets

Inspire Your Creativity




WHY Double Door Conference Cabinets?


Double-doors open to promote collaboration and brainstorming or close to conceal notes, providing privacy and professionalism.



Cabinet offers durable and long-lasting whiteboard and corkboard surfaces.


High-quality laminate finish complements traditional office furniture and finishes.


Logo printing options are available.


Interior depth of 3" allows for marker and eraser storage when closed and keeps accessories within arms reach.


Each Conference Cabinet carries a 10-year manufacturer warranty and is made in the USA. That means 90% of our products ship in 10 days or less. 



Surface Options

  • Manufacturer/Company: Ghent
  • Product: Double Door Conference Cabinets
  • Laminate Color: Mahogany or Black
  • Quantity: 
  • Warranty: 10 year
  • Made in the USA

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Finish Codes (X): B-Black, M-Mahogany

Item #



List Price

C1-44_  4'H x 4'W Magnetic Porcelain Whiteboard Cabinet with Cork Interior Doors $ 2,177
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Ghent's Whiteboard Conference Cabinet is a versatile tool that offers the freedom to collect and brainstorm information while providing privacy that is much needed in office environments. The double door cabinet opens to reveal a magnetic porcelain whiteboard that resists ghosting, staining or scratching when taking notes and collecting ideas. When you are finished with your meeting or brainstorming session, just swing the doors shut to hide information. With appointments happening back-to-back, the adaptable conference cabinet gives you the ability to conceal private notes and come back to them when it is most convenient for you. Cabinet doors are covered with a high-quality mahogany laminate surface on the outside and a self-healing cork bulletin surface on the inside that masks pin holes, made by tacks, pins or staples, within hours of removal. The cabinet doors are paired with sturdy piano hinges and open to reveal nearly 8' of posting and writing surfaces. When closed, you can store markers and accessories in the cabinet, keeping everything you need within arms reach. Each cabinet is shipped to you in Ghent's worry-free packaging, designed specifically for shipping conference cabinets. Ghent's Whiteboard Conference Cabinet carries a 10-year warranty and is made in the USA.

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