Prest Mobile Whiteboard
74"H x 40"W x 20" D Magnetic Marker Board in Porcelain with Natural Oak Frame (PRS6M7440BN)

Prest Mobile Whiteboard

Sophisticated and functional

We've elevated the mobile whiteboard from purely functional to a beautiful piece of furniture. The prominent wood frame and matte black steel construction create an eye-catching combination that will contribute to the aesthetic of a space. Choose glass, fabric, or porcelain whiteboard surface options to configure Prest to your needs. With multiple wood finishes and fabric available, Prest can be designed to fit seamlessly into any office.

Prest Mobile Whiteboard
74"H x 40"W x 20" D Magnetic Marker Board in Porcelain with Natural Oak Frame (PRS6M7440BN) and 74"H x 40"W x 20" D Magnetic Glass and Fabric Board in Oxeye with Carmel Oak Frame (PRS4M7440BCMD013)

Inspire Your Creativity






Porcelain surface accepts magnetic accessories and resists staining, ghosting and scratching


Carries a 10-year manufacturer warranty   


Glass surface has magnetic and non-magnetic options and comes in 18 standard colors. Custom color available at no charge


Matte black A-shaped legs and locking casters


Ships with Universal Marker Holder, 4 colored markers, and an eraser


Made in the USA

Surface Options
  • Manufacturer/Company: Ghent
  • Product: Prest Mobile Whiteboard
  • Size: 74"H x 40"W x 20"D
  • Glass Color: 18 standard colors, custom color
  • Fabric Color: 21 standard colors, custom color
  • Configuration: Markerboard / Markerboard or Markerboard / Fabric
  • Logo Printing: Yes or No
  • Frame Option: Natural Oak, Carmel Oak, or Driftwood Oak
  • Quantity:
  • Warranty: 10 year
  • Made in the USA

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Frame Finish Codes (_):

Natural Oak (N), Driftwood Oak (D), Carmel Oak (C)

Glass Codes (_): 

  • RS - Rose
  • PH - Peach
  • MR - Marigold
  • GY - Gray
  • WH - White
  • YW - Yellow
  • GN - Green
  • BE - Blue
  • SK - Smoke
  • DN - Denim
  • LG - Lilac Gray
  • BG - Beige
  • BK - Black
  • TE - Terra
  • PE - Petal
  • JD - Jade
  • GP - Grape
  • CU - Cactus

Fabric Codes (_):

Maharam Flock: Calm (FL001), Highlight (FL003), Roe (FL004), Quag (FL008), Highsea (FL012), Raven (FL016) Aluminum (FL017) 

Maharam Mode: Intaglio (MD002), Oxeye (MD013), Carotene (MD020), Petal (MD026), Valley (MD027), Jetty (MD035), Bonsai (MD040)

Maharam Merit: Trickle (MT001), Ripple (MT014), Hedera (MT017), Sunflower (MT025), Mudder (MT027), Nectarine (MT035), Alert (MT037)


Item #

Board Dimensions

Overall Dimensions


List Price

PRS1M7440B_ 65"H x 34"W  74"H x 40"W x 20"D Prest - Magnetic Glass / Magnetic Glass $ 3,630
PRS4M7440B_ 65"H x 34"W  74"H x 40"W x 20"D Prest - Magnetic Glass / Fabric board $ 3,050
PRS1N7440B_ 65"H x 34"W  74"H x 40"W x 20"D Prest -  Non-Magnetic Glass / Non-Magnetic Glass $ 3,190
PRS4N7440B_ 65"H x 34"W  74"H x 40"W x 20"D Prest -  Non-Magnetic Glass / Fabric board $ 2,600
PRS6M7440B_ 65"H x 34"W  74"H x 40"W x 20"D Prest - Magnetic Markerboard / Magnetic Markerboard $ 2,468
PRS7M7440B_ 65"H x 34"W  74"H x 40"W x 20"D Prest - Magnetic Markerboard / Fabric board $ 2,468

Offering a superior writing surface and unsurpassed durability, Ghent's Prest Mobile Whiteboard was made with our customers in mind. The durable porcelain enameled surface keeps the dry erase board from scratching or denting, even when installed in high-traffic schools and offices. The wear resistant surface does not absorb ink, eliminating staining and ghosting that would otherwise result from repeated use. The easy-to-wipe surface requires less cleaning, achieving a long-lasting bright white surface without the hassle. Ghent's whiteboard holds magnets and can be used to post bulletins without worrying the announcement will be erased. Our boards are shipped to you in Ghent's worry-free packaging, designed specifically for shipping whiteboards, and includes our Universal Marker Holder, 4 colored dry erase markers, and an eraser. Prest carries a 10-year warranty and is made in the USA.

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