Floor Partition
72" H x 72" W Three Panel Floor Partition in Cascara Teakwood Laminate, Whiteboard, and Ash Acoustic

Floor Partition

Where Privacy Meets Collaboration

Turn your open workspace into a creative collaboration zone with Ghent’s Floor Partition. Modular and easily configurable, choose from one of the 2.5 million combinations to create a “third space” that functions the way you need it to without creating permanent walls. Divide space to provide semi-private areas for meetings, brainstorming, or impromptu conversations. Combine the lightweight, but sturdy frame with a porcelain whiteboard, tackable vinyl, fabric, or cork, acoustic PET, acrylic, or high-pressure laminate infill to create a unique collaboration unit that also helps define spaces.

Floor Partition
72"H x 48" W Full Panel Floor Partition Magnetic Porcelain Whiteboard, 72" H x 36" W Two Panel Floor Partition in Porcelain Whiteboard and Stone Vinyl

Inspire Your Creativity




Why Floor Partition


Use one or more units to configure a room divider to create privacy


Easily change and rearrange surface panels without completely disassembling the entire unit with universal frame and panel dividers. 


Over 2.5 million size, surface, and color combinations to choose from. 


Lightweight partition that can be easily moved around to create temporary walls and dividers. 


Standard Flex Connect provides 90-degree connections or can link multiple units together at any angle. Two are provided with each unit. 


Carries a 10-year manufacturer's warranty and made in the USA.  




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Acoustic PET

  • Manufacturer/Company: Ghent
  • Product: Floor Partition
  • Single Panel Surface 1:
  • Double Panel Surface 1: 
  • Double Panel Surface 2:
  • Triple Panel Surface 1:
  • Triple Panel Surface 2:
  • Triple Panel Surface 3:
  • Quantity:
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Made in the USA

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Turn your open workspace into a creative collaboration zone with Ghent’s Floor Partition.  Modular and easily configurable, choose from one of the 2.5 million combinations to create a third space that functions the way you need it to without creating permanent walls. Combine the lightweight, but sturdy, aluminum frame with a porcelain whiteboard, tackable vinyl, fabric, or cork, acoustic PET, acrylic, or high-pressure laminate infill to create a unique collaboration unit that also helps define spaces Intentionally simple in its design, Floor Partition works well in classrooms, offices, and break out areas to create visual privacy and divide space for collaborating, impromptu meetings, or semi-private conversations. This line of freestanding partitions is modular and easy to setup, re-configure, and take down as needed. Floor Partition works well on its own, however each unit comes standard with the Flex Connect connector to connect multiple units, allowing for angles to be created up to 90 degrees. For more complex configurations, additional connectors are available. Panels are assembled in less than 10 minutes and if change is needed and panels need to be rearranged, infills can be switched without disassembling the entire unit. Floor Partition carries a 10-year manufacturer's warranty. Additionally, partitions ship in Ghent’s worry-free packaging and are made in the USA. 

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