Glassboards with Stand-Offs

Glassboards with Stand-Offs

Premium Design and Function

Throughout the hospital, Custom Glassboards with Stand-Offs offer versatility in size, orientation, and design. Whether in a patient room or at a nurses’ station, our hospital glassboards are designed to match the function and aesthetic of each space. Offered with square or round corners and paired with matching polished silver standoffs, our glassboards sit 1 1/4" off the wall, providing easy to access storage for our unique accessory holder behind the board.

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Glassboards with Stand-Offs

Inspire Your Creativity


Great for: Patient Rooms Nurse's Stations



Why Glassboards with Stand-Offs?


Increase your HCAHPS scores by utilizing an effective communication tool with your patients and employees.


Patient room glassboards are available in custom sizes to create a board that fits your space and matches your brand.


Smooth glass surface resists ghosting and staining, making the board easy to clean with most hospital cleaners.


Work with our team of design experts to create communication boards that incorporate your brand and functional needs.


You have the option to customize your boards with endless possibilities that include custom colors, designs, and logos.


All Ghent Healthcare products carry a limited lifetime warranty and are made in the USA.

Corner Options
How To Specify 
  • Manufacturer/Company: Ghent Healthcare
  • Product: Glassboard with Stand-Offs
  • Writing Surface: Magnetic or Non-Magnetic
  • Size: 7 standard sizes from 12” x 16” to 4' x 8'
  • Orientation: Portrait or Landscape
  • Corner Styles: Round or Square
  • Design: Custom artwork
  • Quantity:
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Please feel free to copy and paste this into your order or request for quotation specifications. 

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Ghent Healthcare's Glassboard with Stand-Offs offers a unique, long-lasting alternative to the traditional patient room whiteboard. Each board is manufactured with  ¼" tempered that's been thermally treated for strength and safety. The non-porous glass writing surface doesn't absorb ink, meaning the dry erase board won't stain or ghost over time, keeping patient information private from day-to-day. Printed with custom colors and graphics, each board is strategically designed to provide communication and organization with healthcare facilities. Like all communication whiteboards, the Glassboards with Stand-Offs positively impact HCAHPS and decrease patient anxiety and ensure patients and caregivers are provided with an effective way to display and understand information. Additionally, the sleek glass surface is paired with tamper-resistant standoffs and minimal hardware to improve aesthetics and ensure security throughout your facility. The glass whiteboard includes 4 markers and an eraser for clean writing and erasing on the smooth surface. The Hideaway acrylic marker holder eliminates clutter and provides more writing space with custom graphics. Our boards are shipped to you in Ghent Healthcare’s worry-free packaging, designed specifically for shipping glassboards. glassboards carry a limited lifetime warranty, are 100% recyclable, and made in the USA.

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