Education Spaces

Teachers no longer lecture in front of rows of desks with a blackboard behind them. Instead, today’s pedagogy emphasizes critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration; and the modern classroom needs to provide the tools students require for active learning. With durable materials and carefully considered construction, each markerboard and display case carries a warranty fit for an education environment. With custom sizes, surface materials and frames, we are confident you will find the perfect visual communication tool.

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Inspiration For Your Space 

Proma Projection Whiteboard

Vinyl Wrapped Bulletin Board

Products shown: Proma Projection Whiteboard, Vinyl Wrapped Bulletin Board

Nexus Tablet

Nexus Easel+ Mobile Whiteboard

Nexus Wallboard

Products shown: Nexus Tablet, Nexus Easel+ Mobile Whiteboard, Nexus Wallboard

Personal Desktop Divider

Aria Glasssboard

Products shown: Personal Desktop Divider, Aria Glasssboard

Aria Glassboards

Roam Mobile Whiteboard

Products shown: Aria Glassboards, Roam Mobile Whiteboard

Hex Whiteboards and Bulletin Boards

Clear Mobile Divider

Aria Glassboard

Stroll Mobile Glassboard

Products shown: Hex Whiteboards and Bulletin Boards, Clear Mobile Divider, Aria Glassboard, Stroll Mobile Glassboard