Office Spaces

The workplace has evolved from a siloed structure into a more fluid space where employees must find areas to do focused work as well as collaborative work. Ghent and Waddell provide solutions for both needs with tools to communicate and space defining furniture.

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Inspiration For Your SpaceĀ 

Waddell Quantum Display Case

Fabric Wrapped Bulletin Board

Stroll Mobile Glassboard

Products shown: Waddell Quantum Display Case, Fabric Wrapped Bulletin Board, Stroll Mobile Glassboard

Pallet Display

Silhouette Enclosed Board

Products shown: Pallet Display, Silhouette Enclosed Board

Border Bulletin Board

Border Glassboard

Products shown: Border Bulletin Board, Border Glassboard

Prest Mobile

Prest Wall Glassboard

Products shown: Prest Mobile, Prest Wall Glassboard

Border Bulletin Board

Border Glassboard

Control Space Division Shelving

Products shown: Border Bulletin Board, Border Glassboard, Control Space Division Shelving

Stroll Mobile Glassboard

Aria Projection Glassboard

Waddell Vantage Display Case

Products shown: Stroll Mobile Glassboard, Aria Projection Glassboard, Waddell Vantage Display Case

Pallet Display

Prest Mobile Whiteboard

Products shown: Pallet Display, Prest Mobile Whiteboard

Stroll Mobile Glassboard

Waddell Define Space Division Furniture

Products shown: Waddell Define Space Division Furniture, Stroll Mobile Glassboard