Geo Huddle Glassboard

Geo Huddle Glassboard

Stand Up Meeting Space

Turn your huddle space from informal to intentional. The Geo Huddle Glassboard inspires collaboration with a vertically mounted glassboard providing ample writing space while also reflecting the stand-up nature of a huddle meeting. As a member of the geometry-inspired Geo Collection, the angles of the fabric-wrapped frame and laminate panel stand out amongst the traditional shapes found throughout the office or classroom.

Geo Huddle Glassboard

Inspire Your Creativity


Great for: Open Office Education



Why Geo Huddle Glassboard?


Geo Huddle Glassboard formalizes stand-up meetings by providing intentional space for quick collaboration


Hand-picked laminate options will complement the aesthetic of any space.


The vertical orientation of the glassboard reflects the nature of a stand-up huddle meeting. 


Equipped with 3 floor and 2 wall leveling feet for easy, accurate installation.


The fabric frame softens the look of the board while also providing acoustic benefits


Carries a 10-year warranty and is made in the USA


Glass Color Options
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Flock Fabric

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Merit Fabric

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Laminate Options

  • Manufacturer/Company: Ghent
  • Product: Geo Huddle Glassboard
  • Glass: 1/8" tempered glass
  • Size: 78"H x 73"W
  • Glass Color: Choose from standard colors; Color-matching to PMS, RAL, or Sherwin Williams available
  • Logo Printing: Yes or No
  • Surface: Magnetic or Non-Magnetic
  • Fabric Color: Standard colors, COL available
  • Laminate Color: Standard colors, COL available
  • Quantity:
  • Warranty: 10 year
  • Produced with eco-friendly, water-based paint
  • Made in the USA

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Glass Color Codes (List separate from SKU):

  • RS - Rose
  • PH - Peach
  • MR - Marigold
  • GY - Gray
  • WH - White
  • YW - Yellow
  • GN - Green
  • BE - Blue
  • SK - Smoke
  • DM - Denim
  • LG - Lilac Gray
  • BG - Beige
  • BK - Black
  • TE - Terra
  • PE - Petal
  • JD - Jade
  • GP - Grape

Laminate Color Codes (List separate from SKU):

  • BLK - Black
  • WHT - White
  • GRY - Gray 
  • BGW - Beigewood
  • CTK - Cascara Teakwood 
  • WNH - Walnut Heights
  • PUO - Planked Urban Oak 

Fabric Color Codes (List separate from SKU): 

  • Maharam Flock: Calm (FL001), Highlight (FL003), Poppy (CC), Quag (FL008), Highsea (FL012), Raven (FL016) Aluminum (FL017)
  • Maharam Mode: Intaglio (MD002), Oxeye (MD013), Carotene (MD020), Petal (MD026), Valley (MD027), Jetty (MD035), Bonsai (MD040)
  • Maharam Merit: Trickle (MT001), Ripple (MT014), Hedera (MT017), Sunflower (MT025), Mudder (MT027), Nectarine (MT035), Alert (MT037)



Geo Huddle Glassboard

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Writing Surface Size


List Price

GEHM7873CC 78"H x 73"W 41"H x 48"W Geo Huddle Glassboard, Magnetic $5,325
GEHN7873CC 78"H x 73"W 41"H x 48"W Geo Huddle Glassboard, Non-magnetic $4,990
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Designed to elevate communication and break the visual box, the Geo Huddle Glassboard provides a functional art installation for any office space. Inspired by the shapes of Geometry, this glassboard turns a typically casual meeting into an intentional space for quick touch point meetings. The orientation of the board, mounted to the wall, reflects the nature of a stand-up huddle meeting. Wrapped fabric softens the touch surfaces to marry the functionality of a glassboard surface with aesthetic beauty.  The angles of the pieces are visually invigorating, inspiring collaboration and commanding attention both in and out of use. As a member of the HiP award-winning Geo Collection, the Geo Huddle Glassboard can be paired with its counterparts which include Geo Mobile and Geo Partition to create a cohesive collaboration environment.  The Ghent manufacturing processes employ water-based glass paints and fabrics that do not utilize flame retardants. Any manufacturing waste is collected/recycled/disposed of using environmentally responsible methods in compliance with local regulations. Each unit ships to you in Ghent's worry-free packaging, designed specifically for each product. Geo Huddle Glassboard is backed by a 10-year warranty and is made in the USA. 

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