Hex Whiteboards and Bulletin Boards

Hex Whiteboards and Bulletin Boards


Designed to make common areas uncommon, Hex whiteboards and bulletin boards combine an exciting shape with a variety of surfaces to leverage modern workspaces. Hex combines today’s needs for beautiful and unique spaces with materiality to dampen noise, post company news, and communicate.

Hex Whiteboards and Bulletin Boards
Hex Whiteboards and Bulletin Boards

Hang Hex with the flat or pointed side upward, side by side to create modular designs

Hex Whiteboards and Bulletin Boards

Mix and match colors and surfaces to create a statement wall of functional artwork.

Hex Whiteboards and Bulletin Boards

Available in four different surfaces to answer the needs of today’s modern offices.

Product Details
  • Available in 4 different surfaces: LINK Powder-Coated Steel, Glass, Acoustic Panel, and Wrapped Fabric
  • Reconfigure and interchange Hexes to create different designs and orientations
  • All surface options have the same easy installation process with mounting brackets and anchors included
  • LINK Powder-Coated Steel surface is inherently magnetic, and will not ghost or stain
  • Take advantage of Ghent's free color matching services for additional glass colors
  • Glass surface is designed with eco-friendly water-based paints
  • Wrapped Fabric surface is tackable and available in our Tiered Fabric Program, and is acoustically rated to reduce sound in a noisy office
  • Carries a 10-year manufacturer warranty
  • Made in the USA



Magnetic Option AvailableMagnetic Option Available
TAA CompliantTAA Compliant
10 Year Warranty10 Year Warranty
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Powder-Coated Steel Color Options
Glass Color Options
Acoustic Panel Color Options



  • Manufacturer/Company: Ghent
  • Product: Hex
  • Size: 18" x 21"
  • Surface: LINK Powder-Coated Steel, Glass, Acoustic Panel, or Wrapped Fabric
  • Color: 7 Steel Colors, 18 Glass Colors, 7 Wrapped Fabric Colors, and 7 Acoustic Panels
  • Quantity: 
  • Warranty: 10 year
  • Produced with eco-friendly water-based paint
  • Made in the USA

Please feel free to copy and paste this into your order or request for quotation specifications. 

Showcase Your Brand

Use Hex in walkways and receptions to highlight company awards, cultures and values to employees and guests as they walk through your space. 

Leverage Open Workstations

Acoustic Hexes allow spaces to be open and airy at the same time. LINK, Glass, and Tackable Fabric Hexes expand shared workstations for brainstorming sessions and small meetings.

Functional Art

Create permanent statement walls to post company news and information while encouraging creativity and wellness.


 For inspiration, download our Typical Configurations Outline 

To specify your Steel Hex replace "_" with Powder-Coated Steel Color Code

Powder-Coated Steel Color Codes (_):

  • WH - White
  • BB - Bright Blue
  • GN - Lime Green
  • GY - Gray
  • MR - Marigold
  • RS - Rose
  • SB - Soft Blue

Item #



List Price


 18"H x 21"W Link Hex Magnetic Whiteboard $ 270 


To specify your Glass Hex replace "_" with Glass Color Code

Glass Color Codes (_):

  • RS - Rose
  • PH - Peach
  • MR - Marigold
  • GY - Gray
  • WH - White
  • YW - Yellow
  • GN - Green
  • BE -Blue
  • SK - Smoke
  • DM - Denim
  • LG - Lilac Gray
  • BG - Beige
  • BK - Black
  • TE - Terra
  • PE - Petal
  • JD - Jade
  • GP - Grape
  • CU - Cactus

Item #



List Price


 18"H x 21"W Glass Hex Whiteboard $ 325 


To specify your Wrapped Fabric Hex replace "_" with Fabric Color Code

Fabric Color Codes (_):

  • 001 - Calm
  • 003 - Highlight
  • 004 - Roe
  • 008 - Quag
  • 012 - Highsea
  • 016 - Raven
  • 017 - Aluminum

Item #



List Price


 18"H x 21"W Wrapped Fabric Hex Panel $ 175


To specify your Acoustic Hex replace "_" with Acoustic Color Code

Acoustic Color Codes (_):

  • SIL - Silver
  • Ash - Ash
  • BSH - Blush
  • YLW - Yellow
  • LIM - Lime
  • NVY - Navy
  • ORG - Orange

Item #



List Price


 18"H x 21"W Acoustic Hex Panel $ 225 
Hex Whiteboards and Bulletin Boards
  • Designed to be functional and beautiful, Hex creates a functional focal point in any space: a dry erase, acoustic, or tackable surface that looks like art.
  • These perfectly modular hexagons are easy to install using a template that allows you to place your dry erase boards or bulletin boards in a variety of layouts.
  • The Powder-Coated Steel Hex features premium dry erase powder-coat on a beautifully formed steel surface, making it inherently magnetic.
  • The Glass Hex is constructed using premium 1/2" tempered glass and the surface will not ghost or stain.
  • The Acoustic Panel Hex deliminates sound in a noisy office.
  • The Wrapped Fabric Hex is tackable, allowing you to hang postings and notes in your space.
  • Hex carries a 10-year manufacturer warranty and is made in the USA.

When was the last time communication surfaces had some attitude? Hex is designed to be a statement piece in today's modern offices. Hex's simplistic design in available in LINK powder-coated steel, glass, acoustic, and wrapped fabric surfaces. Studies show that when a collaboration tool is beautifully designed and blends in with the environment, people start to use it! Designed to leverage today's workspaces, Hex can dampen noise in an open workspace, expand workstations, and showcase your company's brand. Hex can be hung with the flat side or the pointed side of the hexagon pointing upwards, giving you even more creative freedom. Each Hex surface has the same installation hardware and process that allows for the ultimate flexibility. Each Hex whiteboard and bulletin board carries a 10-year warranty and is made in the USA.