Geo Mobile Glassboard

Geo Mobile Glassboard

Ergonomic Collaboration on the Go

The Geo Mobile Glassboard, a piece of the Geo Collection, elevates communication by breaking the traditional "visual box" and inspiring ideas to take a unique shape. This board features a large, ergonomic writing surface angled at a comfortable 7 degrees. Equipped with durable, industrial casters, it is designed to inspire collaboration anywhere.

Geo Mobile Glassboard

Inspire Your Creativity




Why Geo Mobile?


Features a large glassboard writing surface, laminate and fabric accents, and durable, industrial casters. 


Ergonomically angled glassboards on both sides contribute to the ease of writing.  


Available in standard and custom colors using water-based glass paint, logo printing available.


The center is equipped with coat hangers and a flat inner base for mobile storage


The fabric frame softens the look of the board while also providing acoustic benefits


Carries a 10-year warranty and is made in the USA.


Glass Color Options
Glass Color Guide

Flock Fabric

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Merit Fabric

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Mode Fabric

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Laminate Options

  • Manufacturer/Company: Ghent
  • Product: Geo Mobile Glassboard
  • Glass: 1/8" tempered glass
  • Size: 73"H x 48"W
  • Glass Color: Choose from standard colors; Color-matching to PMS, RAL, or Sherwin Williams available
  • Logo Printing: Yes or No
  • Surface: Magnetic or Non-Magnetic
  • Fabric Color: Standard colors, COL available
  • Laminate Color: Standard colors, COL available
  • Quantity:
  • Warranty: 10 year
  • Produced with eco-friendly water-based paint
  • Made in the USA

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Glass Color Codes (List separate from SKU):

  • RS - Rose
  • PH - Peach
  • MR - Marigold
  • GY - Gray
  • WH - White
  • YW - Yellow
  • GN - Green
  • BE - Blue
  • SK - Smoke
  • DM - Denim
  • LG - Lilac Gray
  • BG - Beige
  • BK - Black
  • TE - Terra
  • PE - Petal
  • JD - Jade
  • GP - Grape

Laminate Color Codes (List separate from SKU):

  • BLK - Black
  • WHT - White
  • GRY - Gray 
  • BGW - Beigewood
  • CTK - Cascara Teakwood 
  • WNH - Walnut Heights
  • PUO - Planked Urban Oak 

Fabric Color Codes (List separate from SKU): 

  • Maharam Flock: Calm (FL001), Highlight (FL003), Poppy (CC), Quag (FL008), Highsea (FL012), Raven (FL016) Aluminum (FL017)
  • Maharam Mode: Intaglio (MD002), Oxeye (MD013), Carotene (MD020), Petal (MD026), Valley (MD027), Jetty (MD035), Bonsai (MD040)
  • Maharam Merit: Trickle (MT001), Ripple (MT014), Hedera (MT017), Sunflower (MT025), Mudder (MT027), Nectarine (MT035), Alert (MT037)



Geo Mobile Glassboard

Item #


Writing Surface Size


List Price

GEMM7348NCC 73"H x 48"W 48"H x 29"W Geo Mobile Glassboard, Magnetic $7,650
GEMN7348NCC 73"H x 48"W 48"H x 29"W Geo Mobile Glassboard, Non-magnetic $7,325
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Inspired by Geometry, and meant for collaboration and communication, the Geo Mobile is a double-sided meeting on the go featuring glassboards mounted at a 7-degree angle.  The ergonomic design is easy to transport from space to space and ergonomically pleasing to write on.  The interior space nestled between the angled boards evokes an ethereal space for light to pass through, visually inspiring your ideas to flowThe interior space can also be used for storage; equipped with a coat hook on top, and a laminate shelf on the bottom. Choose from a wide variety of standard fabrics, glass colors, and laminate options, or bring your own. We encourage our customers to “Make it Yours” and work hard to provide any options you may need. We also offer the ability to print graphics on the glassboard surface. As a member of the HiP Award-winning Geo Collection, it is best paired with its counterparts which include Geo Huddle Board and Geo Partition. The Ghent manufacturing processes employ water-based glass paintsand fabrics thadnoutilizflame retardants. Any manufacturing waste is collected/recycled/disposed of using environmentally responsible methods in compliance with local regulations. Each unit ships to you in Ghent's worry-free packaging, designed specifically for each product. Geo Mobile is backed by a 10-year warranty and is made in the USA. 

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