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The Nexus Tablet

The goal of the Nexus family is to make collaboration easy with adaptable products that work together to fit into any environment.

Feb 22, 2024




Colors of the Year

Here at Ghent, our award-winning glassboards are offered in 18 standard hues and can even be made in any custom color, but to celebrate the beginning of 2024 and what will hopefully be an excellent year, we have followed the trend and selected our very own Colors of the Year for our glassboards.

Feb 08, 2024


Leaving a Cleaner Mark

Ghent makes sure to work towards a better world by prioritizing sustainable practices. Preserving the Environment for future generations requires effort from all parties.

Feb 02, 2024


Cleaning Ghent Whiteboards

Following the pandemic, preventing the spread of germs was a top priority for many as companies returned to the office after a lengthy period of remote work.

Jan 16, 2024



Exploring the Transformative Power of Outdoor Education

In a rapidly advancing technological world, the importance of connecting with nature and fostering environmental awareness is becoming increasingly evident. Outdoor education has emerged as a transformative approach to learning that goes beyond traditional classroom settings.

Aug 16, 2023


Developing a Collaborative Classroom

The modern classroom is a fluid space where learning happens in many ways. Teaching methods have adapted to students’ wide range of needs, and education is no longer viewed as the teacher transmitting knowledge to the students.

Jul 11, 2023