Curb Employee Turnover Using This Interior Design Approach

What gets employees to stick around? A company’s space can be a huge selling point–and an important factor in employee retention.

Have a Lighting Problem in Your Office?

Enhanced productivity, elevated mood, healthy vision–all good things, right? Every worker wants to make the most of his or her time at the office.

Workplace Design Trends

Office design trends have changed dramatically over the past few years. Offices are looking less beige, stuffy, fluorescent and boxy and are starting to be more open, greener and collaborative.

New Images, New Inspiration

We're excited to announce the addition of our enhanced image library! View installations, single images, and gain inspiration for Ghent products.

Ghent's Quick Ship Program

Shipping a six-foot-long board of glass across the country damage-free and on-schedule is no small feat. But we've gotten good at it! So good, in fact, that your order will be drop shipped from our facility to your location within 72 hours of receiving the PO.

6 Ways to Enhance Your Workplace

Struggling to accomplish simple tasks at work? Do you find your mind wandering to a particular coffee stain on your desk when crunch time hits? Take some time to reevaluate your workspace to improve your productivity with these quick tips:

Now Shipping Quicker: All Glass Colors Ship in 7 Days!

Your projects are finishing up and the last thing you want to wait for is the glassboards to arrive to be installed. Ghent is excited to announce our reduced lead time on all Harmony and Aria Glassboards.

How to Furnish a Conference Room

A whiteboard or glassboard is the focal point and key component of any successful conference room. When not being used to illustrate ideas, take notes or facilitate collaboration, the board should also blend into the background to avoid distracting from conversation and other activity.

Our Future as a Sustainable Company

Now more than ever, communities and cultures are becoming aware of how their footprint affects sustainability in the world. This awareness has led to some behavior changes in consumers to the point where they now demand environmentally conscious products and practices from organizations and manufacturers.

Don't Leave Profit on the Wall!

We can't wait to see you at EDspaces 2018! We're excited to bring our furniture quality whiteboards, bulletin boards, and glassboards to Tampa.