Ghent Introduces: Prest

The latest mobile whiteboard offering from visual communication leader Ghent, a GMi Company, comes in the form of an industrial-styled, double-sided board named Prest.

Hexagon Shape Trend

A blend of geometrical neatness yet a nod to nature, the hexagon is popping up everywhere. Something about the shape is pleasing to the eye and fits into design concepts in a variety of settings. The question begs to be asked, though: what is it about the six-sided shape that makes it so appealing?

How to Accomplish Inclusive Design

Just as a student who feels seen and heard will more easily learn at school, an employee who feels his/her needs are met will be more productive at work. What’s one way a workplace can accomplish this? By following the approaches and strategies of an office with inclusive design.

Ghosting in Whiteboards

You’re thinking of investing in a whiteboard but you want one that will hold up for years to come. “Ghosting” is something you should know about. It happens when even after vigorously erasing, some of the dry erase marker is left behind.

Educational Applications

Now that school has started and you’ve been in the full swing of things for a few months, you might have some ideas on how your classroom can be better configured for learning. Ghent has some ideas to share with you, as well.

Hex Applications

What has six sides and looks spectacular in a design? The hexagon! Read on and consider adding this geometric great to your office.

Why P.E.T. Felt is Today's Top Acoustic Material

As acoustic design has become essential to great spaces, new acoustic design elements are coming to the fore. Felt made from PET plastic has leapt into the spotlight as a ‘go-to’ material that absorbs sound while offering a new palette for both visual and acoustic design.

Support Visual Learners With This Classroom Tool

Anybody who has heard a series of directions or instructions verbally only to be left scratching his head knows the value of visual learning. For some, hearing information just isn’t enough to truly commit details to memory.

Acoustics in the Workplace

We’ve all seen it. A well-designed work room packed full of employees with earbuds and headphones on, trying to block out the din of being in close proximity.

Workplace that Draws Employees In

More than ever, employees expect a great deal from the workplace. They want a space that feels professional yet approachable. Collaborative yet capable of focus. Comfortable yet classy. You get the idea. How can you check all those boxes?