DecoAurora Vinyl Bulletin Boards

DecoAurora Vinyl Bulletin Boards


DecoAurora fuses Ghent’s most durable bulletin boards with a splash of color! The covered corners are paired with a colorful strip that adds a pop to the gray vinyl bulletin surface. Unlike a cork or fabric board, vinyl is inherently water resistant and can be cleaned with water or many light cleaners. The durable surface paired with a unique frame challenges what a corkboard is expected to be, and offers a beautiful alternative to the ordinary.

DecoAurora Vinyl Bulletin Boards
DecoAurora Vinyl Bulletin Boards

Choose from 12 colors to accentuate the boards frame

DecoAurora Vinyl Bulletin Boards

Vinyl surface masks pinholes and can be washed, keeping your bulletin board looking nice

DecoAurora Vinyl Bulletin Boards

Multi-faceted corner connectors, aluminum framing, and PVC inserts create a unique and clean look, with no visible hanging hardware.

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Product Details
  • Features stylish multi-faceted corners and aluminum framing
  • 3/4" insert strips add a splash of color and frame conceals hanging hardware
  • Washable vinyl tack surface is textured to mask pin holes for years of dependable use
  • Frame inserts available in 9 bold colors and 3 wood looks
  • Perfect complement to DecoAurora Porcelain Whiteboards

Deco Color Options

Surface Options

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3' x 4' Aluminum Frame Vinyl Tackboard



4' x 4' Aluminum Frame Vinyl Tackboard



4' x 6' Aluminum Frame Vinyl Tackboard



4' x 8' Aluminum Frame Vinyl Tackboard



4' x 10' Aluminum Frame Vinyl Tackboard



4' x 12' Aluminum Frame Vinyl Tackboard


  • When buying your DecoAurora Vinyl Corkboard, choose between twelve different frame inserts, picking the one that best complements your decor (9 vibrant colors and 3 wood grain choices).
  • Clean the bulletin surface with a damp cloth or household cleaners. The textured surface masked pinholes from repeated tacking.
  • The four multi-faceted corner connectors, aluminum framing, and color insert strips gracefully come together, creating a unique look.
  • The 3/4" wide thermoplastic PVC inserts add a splash of color and conceal the mounting hardware, leaving no exposed fasteners

DecoAurora Vinyl Bulletin Boards challenge the look of a traditional tack surface. The unique corner caps are paired with a colorful insert, adding interest and variety to standard wood and aluminum frames. The insert hides any hanging hardware, keeping the exterior clean and sleek. Offered in 12 different colors and styles, the inserts can be used to accentuate the design of an office, or complement existing decor. The vinyl bulletin surface is inherently water resistant, meaning you can clean the board with water and household disinfectant. With the ability to clean the board, it is perfect for public areas that may get more use. The elasticity means the board will fill in holes made from repeated tacking, keeping the board looking brand new and offering the perfect backdrop for bulletins, flyers and announcements. The four multi-faceted corner connectors, aluminum framing, and color insert strips gracefully come together and pair wonderfully with the DecoAurora Whiteboard. Each board is shipped in our worry-free packaging, specially designed to ship bulletin boards. The DecoAurora Vinyl Bulletin Board is backed by Ghent’s 10-year manufacturer warranty and is made in the USA.