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Sleek communication for the modern office.

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Glassboards For Your Space

  • Various standard colors or match to any PMS color.
  • Available in magnetic or non-magnetic.
  • Customize your glass with your logo or design.
  • BIFMA LEVEL 2 Certified, preferred sustainability certification for GSA and many states.
  • Choose between mobiles and wall-mounted options.
Make It Yours: We believe that innovations in the market are driven by results. Our design process starts with direct conversations with you to dig into the core of what solutions are needed to keep your team working, learning, creating, and experiencing to the fullest.


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Function with Style

With the modern office constantly changing, today’s office products need to be sleek and well-integrated. We created our stunning line of wall-mounted and mobile glassboards to supply everything the office of today needs for clear, beautiful communication.   


Achieve the look of weightless, floating glass with flush mount or add depth with polished silver standoffs. 


Line several mobiles side-by-side for moveable space division or roll them from room-to-room for your flexible space needs.

Evolving with Today: We work with designers to bring in new, invigorating concepts, color experts to create relevant, curated color palettes, and industry professionals to validate we are staying true to our course.


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Elements that Shine

Yes, you’ll appreciate our durable, heavy-duty casters on mobiles, our polished silver standoffs on our wall-mounted glassboards and even the option between magnetic and non-magnetic. However, we are especially proud of the material design of our glass.


Premium 1/4” tempered glass keeps the board from bowing and straining while writing. Also allows for unique shapes and secured standoffs. 


Our glass surface is easy to clean and resists ghosting, staining and scratching leaving it looking as good as the day you purchased.  


Creativity with Purpose

Explore your creative expression through the options of color, design, shape, size and even texture. Choose between our Prest, Stroll and Pointe mobiles, our wall-mounted Aria and Harmony glassboards and our unique shapes with Hex and Coda. Additionally, you can create a beautiful art installation that blends writing surfaces with acoustic solutions and tackable fabrics.

Color & Design

Choose from our 20 standard colors or select any custom hue. Add our company logo or create your very own design. 

Shapes & Sizes

We offer landscape, portrait, square and unique shapes such as Hex. Sizes ranging from 2’ all the way up to 10’. 

Create to Experience: We are passionate about the products we deliver, passionate that they surpass the expectations of what visual communications have been. We approach each project as an opportunity to re-define the meaning of visual communications. By creating products that lead to more efficient communication experiences, we aim to solve, build and inspire, so that in the end you can create environments where communication thrives. 


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Explore Our Glass Products

Our glassboards are the first and only to have earned BIFMA LEVEL® 2 Certification
White wall-mount glassboards are available for 72 hour quick ship. 


A sleek wall-mounted glassboard with a minimal design for unobstructed writing. 




The first glassboard certified LEVEL® 2 from BIFMA. Offered with square or round corners accompanied by matching polished silver standoffs.



Functional artwork designed to make any space pop. Great for modern workspaces that desire function and creativity.




Redefine the shape of glass with our Coda circle glassboard. Great for complementing any creative décor.


Stroll Mobile

On-the-go mobile glassboard that comes in four different styles and sizes. Great for open office and education environments.



Stroll T Base Partition

Perfect solution for dividing work areas and providing privacy between workstations.


Prest Mobile

Designed to complement your space as a beautiful piece of furniture. Mix and match with glass, porcelain and tackable surfaces.



Pointe Mobile

A multi-functional mobile glassboard that can be used for free-roaming or space dividing partitions.



A stunning glassboard with a modern thin-line aluminum frame meant to tile with additional glassboards and bulletin boards.