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Geo Collection

Geometry [ge•om•e•try]: the branch of mathematics concerned with

  • the shape of individual objects.
  • spatial relationships among various objects.
  • the properties of surrounding space.

Made to integrate seamlessly into your surroundings, the Geo Collection is designed with beauty, functionality, and flexibility in mind.

54" x 71" Geo Partition

Create a Work Environment that Elevates and Inspires.

Add a Modern Touch to Any Office.

A Striking Blend of Function and Beauty.

Flexibility Accommodates Diverse Working Styles.

Winner of the 2022 HiP Award.

Shape and Reshape: Workplace tools don’t have to sacrifice beauty for functionality. The Geo Collection is made to add practicality and appeal to any space. 


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Geo Huddle Glassboard

Carve out an intentional space for quick touch point meetings and on-the-fly collaboration.



Geo Partition

Create a private, stylish space in an open office with this functional space divider.


Geo Mobile Glassboard

Facilitate communication and collaboration anywhere with this moveable double-sided glassboard.