Healthcare Spaces

Patient satisfaction and communication are of the utmost importance within the healthcare industry. Incorporating the proper tools that are both functional and elegantly designed allows healthcare professionals to create engaging environments where patient/staff communication can thrive.

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Inspiration For Your SpaceĀ 

Custom Low Profile Glassboard

Enclosed Fabric Bulletin Board

Pallet Display

Products shown: Custom Low Profile Glassboard, Enclosed Fabric Bulletin Board, Pallet Display

Pointe Mobile Glassboard

Stroll T-Base Partition

Harmony Glassboard

Products shown: Pointe Mobile Glassboard, Stroll T-Base Partition, Harmony Glassboard

Border Bulletin Board

Coda Circle Glassboard

Floor Partition

Products shown: Border Bulletin Board, Coda Circle Glassboard, Floor Partition

Nexus Easel

Harmony Glassboard

Products shown: Nexus Easel, Harmony Glassboard

M4 Hygienic Porcelain Whiteboard

Products shown: M4 Hygienic Porcelain Whiteboard

Swing Changeable Glassboard

Products shown: Swing Changeable Glassboard