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Nexus Collaboration Whiteboards

Nexus [nex•us]

  • a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.
  • a connected group or series.
  • the central and most important point or place.

Designed to work together, the Nexus family of products enable a more collaborative experience by synchronizing small group interactions no matter the environment.

Create a Work Environment that is Intuitive and Adaptable.

Well-Suited for Classrooms, Co-Working, Open Offices, and Shop Floors.

Keep Team Members at Every Level Informed and Up-to-Date.

Accommodate Your Students' or Employees' Diverse Working Styles.

Winner of Awards From NeoCon and GEI.

76" x 32" Nexus Easel+ with 28" x 28" Nexus Tablet
Rearrange, Reimagine The modern workplace requires tools that support flexible collaboration. We designed the Nexus whiteboard line with mobility and modularity in mind. 


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Collaborate in the Classroom

Getting students involved with hands-on learning can excite them—and reach children with nontraditional learning styles. Nexus Easel+ can be paired with up to eight tablet whiteboards for flexible collaboration, and the mobile design fits any classroom layout.  


Hand the tablets out to students for small group work, or hang them from the central whiteboard for a larger surface area.


Our whiteboards resist scratching, ghosting, and staining, so they’ll keep clean, even with regular classroom use.


Your communication tools should accommodate the fluid growth of ideas. Students can take notes on their tablet whiteboards, then you can rejoin them to the central Easel+ to compare and contrast ideas.


28" x 28" Nexus Tablet.
"You cannot really appreciate the power and magic of Nexus until you use it. It's not just one thing; it's everything about it. All I can say is that this system just flat-out invites collaboration and engagement like no traditional whiteboard or flip chart ever could."
—Paul Hagan, Beveridge & Diamond

Meet Your Employees’ Needs  

Your employees embody a wide range of skills and working styles–that’s what makes your company vibrant and versatile. Mobile whiteboards can empower them to find their best workflows. 

Your employees are a neurodiverse group with differing work styles–and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for empowering them. When you create an environment that helps each employee tap into their strengths, everyone thrives.  

A single Nexus Easel in a quiet corner is perfect for one-on-one collaboration. Pull a few together, and you’re ready for a robust team brainstorming session that considers all perspectives.
76" x 76" Nexus IdeaWall Easel with 28" x 28" Nexus Tablet.
To accommodate a diverse workforce, you need to communicate the function of each space. A whiteboard for huddle rooms and private workspaces makes it easy to see when the space is in use.
76" x 52" Nexus Partition with markers, 28" x 28" Nexus Tablets, 48" x 72" Nexus Wallboard.
Open floor plans enable fluid communication–but employees with sensory processing issues might find it hard to concentrate. Nexus Partitions move easily to create spaces for focused work.
48” x 36” and 72” x 48” Nexus Partitions with 28" x 28" Nexus Tablet.
Empowered Ideas: Unlock boundless creativity and collaboration. Bringing together and encouraging your team to visualize, innovate, and excel.  


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Keep Messaging Consistent

In a manufacturing setting, line workers need to be kept informed of production schedules, safety measures, and training info. Nexus whiteboards can be positioned anywhere in your facility, from admin offices to the shop floor, to ensure clear, concise communication.  


Nexus whiteboards can be combined with a fabric bulletin board surface to make communication easy. 


Manufacturing involves many moving parts, and even minor miscommunications can reduce efficiency. Standardizing communication with mobile whiteboards can improve output and cultivate best practices.

76" x 32" Nexus Easel+ with markers, 28" x 28" Nexus Tablets.

Explore the Full Nexus Line  

Nexus Easel+

Great for mid-to-large groups moving around a space while collaborating on multiple ideas towards a goal, idea, or plan.



Nexus Easels

Perfect for small group sessions and moving from one space to another to gather and share ideas.


Nexus Partitions

Creates privacy and works well in open spaces where a traditional partition does not meet the mark.



Nexus Tablet

The answer to brainstorming independently or with another person and then bringing your ideas to share with the team.


Nexus Wallboard

Complete the ensemble by including a wall-mounted board that matches the style of your tablets and mobiles.