Hospitality Spaces

Providing and anticipating the needs of guests is key to making them feel welcome and comfortable. Ghent provides a wide range of high quality, communication tools and space division furniture fit for hotels, restaurants, recreational facilities, and more.

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Inspiration For Your SpaceĀ 

Stroll Mobile Glassboards

Products shown: Stroll Mobile Glassboards

Pallet Wall Display Furniture

Control Space Division Shelving

Aria Glassboard

Products shown: Pallet Wall Display Furniture, Control Space Division Shelving, Aria Glassboard

Impression Porcelain Whiteboard

Products shown: Impression Porcelain Whiteboard

Preserve Double Unit

Products shown: Preserve Double Unit

Recessed Display Case

Aria Glassboard

Products shown: Recessed Display Case, Aria Glassboard

Define Space Division Furniture

Products shown: Define Space Division Furniture