Continuing Education

Ghent is committed to providing educational content to design professionals in need of continuing education units (CEU’s). Each course we offer is unique. We have developed a library of our own as well as partnered with BIFMA to offer several courses. All courses are accredited with AIA (HSW), IDCEC (HSW), and some are GBCI for maintaining both LEED AP and WELL AP.

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Our Courses

HCAHPS: What Does It Mean & Its Role In Patient Communication & Design

Everyday a new acronym is thrown our way. While HCAHPS has been around for the better part of a decade, understanding how furnishing, particularly something as simple as a whiteboard, can affect patient engagement is confusing. This CEU will see to define HCAHPS and explain the key role furniture plays in achieving higher scores.

Program Credits: AIA HSW, IDCEC HSW


Beyond the Classroom: How Outdoor Learning Spaces Help Improve Student Performance & Wellbeing

Meeting and learning outdoors creates a people/student first environment. Creating intentional spaces for collaboration and learning has been shown to improve mental, physical, and emotional health. In this course, we will discuss the importance of including outdoor learning environments in educational facilities, risks of excluding these types of spaces, and the relationship to physical health, mental wellbeing, and academic performance.

Program Credits: AIA HSW, IDCEC HSW


Why Standards Matter

This course provides knowledge about BIFMA’s mission and work. The course explains Why Standards Matter to all involved with furniture procurement to ensure decisions are informed by safety, wellness, and sustainability. In this course, you’ll learn about the historical context that drove the need for developing industry-wide furniture performance standards and understand the impact of social, economic, and technological trends on the bottom line for business owners.

Program Credits: AIA HSW, IDCEC HSW, GBCI


Attributes of Contract Furniture

What drives furniture decisions in commercial environments? Key attributes are: Aesthetics, Quality, Craftsmanship, Safety, Performance, Health & Wellness, Sustainability, and Verification. These dimensions of commercial furniture are explored for their impact on decision-making so professionals can put safety, sustainability, and wellness at the forefront of the selection process. You will understand the value of original design and how materiality is a critical factor of product appropriateness.

Program Credits: AIA HSW, IDCEC HSW, GBCI


LEVEL 2019 Sustainability Certification and its Role In The Selection of Furniture

This continuing education course covers BIFMA’s e3 Furniture Sustainability Standard, which is the basis for LEVEL certification. The content defines what LEVEL measures, how it works, and how it goes above and beyond other rating systems for addressing furniture’s ecological, social, and wellness impacts. Participants will understand how to find LEVEL certified products and easily include them in the furniture selection process at no added cost to those who procure the product.

Program Credits: AIA HSW, IDCEC HSW, GBCI


Clarifying Sustainability Standards Through Furniture

What do you wonder about furniture? This course compares and explains various sustainability rating tools used in the built environment including building rating systems, programs that provide information transparency, and certifications used for materials and products. LEVEL® by BIFMA’s furniture certification program is overlayed throughout to understand the contribution of sustainable furniture in creating spaces with a comprehensive vision for environmental sustainability and human health and wellness.

Program Credits: AIA HSW, IDCEC HSW, GBCI