Geo Collection

Geo Collection 

Collaboration and Communication Take Shape. 

Communication tools have all too often been displayed as large squares or rectangles mounted on a wall for all to gather around.  Intentionally designed to elevate communication and break the visual box, the Geo Collection provides a functional art installation for any office space.  All products within the Geo Collection feature clean lines and trapezoidal shapes, fully functional in a meeting environment, and visually attractive when not in use. The designs command attention, create intentional meeting space, and foster clearer communication and collaboration.   

(From left to right)


The Geo Partition provides a writing surface and vertical storage for an otherwise forgotten wall, creating the look and feel of a private space in an otherwise open office.  

The Geo Huddleboard turns a typically casual meeting into an intentional space for quick touch point meetings.  The orientation of the board, mounted to the wall, reflects the nature of a stand-up huddle meeting.  

The Geo Mobile is a double-sided meeting on the go. The ergonomically angled glassboards contribute to the ease of writing.  The void between the angled boards envokes an ethereal space for light to pass through, visually inspiring your ideas to flow.  


The utilization of all the products within this visual communication furniture collection will create a coordinated office environment that elevates and inspires collaboration.