Preserve Outdoor Collaboration Unit

Think outside the walls. 

While many have returned to work after years of working hybrid or remotely, employees have different expectations of the office environment. The need for biophilic accents, open office concepts, and health minded solutions within the workplace is met with Preserve.

Preserve is a permanent outdoor meeting space designed for collaboration beyond four walls. Preserve provides safe connection and collaboration in otherwise underutilized space, intentionally maximizing the effectiveness of your footprint by creating a "fourth space" outdoors. Creating a corporate retreat to be utilized for meetings from casual to coordinated extends the life and use of outdoor spaces.

Research shows being outside can energize the mind and body and improve physical and mental health. Energized and mentally healthy employees tend to be more engaged in their work, and generally happier in their jobs.

Preserve is designed to withstand a multitude of weather conditions. Reinforced steel columns support a 4' x 6' vertically mounted 1/2" thick laminated tempered glassboard, ensuring durability and use for up to 10 years. Units can be configured as singles or paired as multiple units for maximum use of space.


Introducing, the 4th space.