Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are committed to reducing our footprint and making
our communities cleaner and stronger.


We take being manufactured in the USA just as serious as we take our environmental responsibility. We are committed to reducing our footprint and making our communities cleaner and stronger, which is why it's one of our core values.

Sustainable products and manufacturing have always been at the root of Ghent Healthcare. While, we are beginning the long process of earning top industry certifications, our environmental responsibility is, and has always been, based on industry-standard BIFMA Level principles. You can trust and support Ghent Healthcare as a sustainable partner who values controlled sourcing, thoughtfully designed products, and environmentally.


Sustainable Sourcing

We believe that environmentally friendly products start with quality, raw materials that are sourced from trusted USA companies. 100% of Ghent Healthcare products are made in the USA, allowing us to control the entire product process from sourcing to assembling. We work continuously to reduce manufacturing wastes through lean initiatives but also work to ensure the scrap that is produced is recycled.    



The wood products that we use are 80% pre-consumer recycled content

Aluminum Manufacturing


Our aluminum is composed of a minimum of 75% post-industrial scrap



The steel we use is made of 70% recycled material


Our Products

Our products are designed to increase engagement and to be a sustainable communication solution. Our boards are produced to last using proprietary VividShield™ coating on our markerboards, and water-based paints on our glassboards. Our VividShield™ printed whiteboards are VOC free and CARB compliant. Our glassboards are designed with water-based paints which emit a much lower amount of volatile organic compounds throughout the drying process than solvent paints.  

Whether your company is rebranding, moving into a new space, or ready for a new look, our boards are designed to be easily disassembled and recycled. Our commitment to being environmentally responsible shows in our recycling numbers: 


Tons of Cardboard


Tons of Steel


Tons of Aluminum


Sustainable Manufacturing Processes

As one of our core values, our commitment to the environment defines our company culture. We care about the community and want to do our part. Our office has bins for plastic, aluminum, and paper, making sure we hold our employees accountable. We have recycled:    


Tons of Plastic Bottles


Tons of Paper


Tons of Plastic Sheeting