The Science Behind The Effectiveness Of Healthcare Whiteboards

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The effectiveness of using whiteboards in healthcare settings is vividly clear, and there have been numerous studies conducted over the years that have supported the evidence-based practices of designing and placing whiteboards in patient rooms.


There’s a lot of research available, and searching for it can take time, that’s why we decided to do most of the legwork! We have compiled some of the most well-regarded studies and research papers available. If you are looking for more information on the effectiveness of hospital whiteboards and redesigned patient spaces, this is the place to begin.

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Choosing Patient Room Whiteboards

Read What the Experts are Saying About Hospital Whiteboards

Whiteboards Improve Inpatient Satisfaction With Provider Communication

A Review of the Research Literature on Evidence-Based Healthcare Design

Improving the Patient Experience Through the Health Care Physical Environment

Patient Whiteboards To Improve Patient-centered Care In The Hospital

Using Clinical Space to Shape Patient-Provider Communication

Building patient satisfaction: Physical environment improvements can lead to better patient experiences and HCAHPS scores

Coming Clean on the Link Between Perception of Cleanliness and Patient Satisfaction

Virginia Henderson International Nursing Library: “Giving Voice to Patients in the Acute Care Environment” (2010)


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