Healthcare Solutions

The Art Of Patient Engagement



With all the advanced technology that goes into modern medicine, it’s remarkable that solutions as simple as hospital communication boards can improve patient care, patient relationships with staff and overall satisfaction. But this is exactly what our line of healthcare whiteboards is capable of doing.



Patient Room & Care

Patient room whiteboards bridge the communication gap that often reduces the quality of patient satisfaction and care. Custom hospital whiteboards have been proven to increase HCAHPS scores up to six points. Patient satisfaction is largely dependent upon how well hospital staff communicates with patients and their families and how well patients understand hospital staff. With the help of a patient room board, healthcare staff can easily engage and keep their patients informed during their recovery.   


Nurses Station

Communication between staff members during shift changes can be difficult. A specific tracking board for these types of changes can help. Incorporating a custom whiteboard at the nurse's stations will keep information clear and confidential from visitors and patients, while making it easy for nurses and doctors to engage with each other about a patient’s care and treatments. 



Healthcare facilities continuously institute Lean principles into their organizations. In departments such as the laboratory, staff members can utilize custom whiteboards to communicate with each other and relay the status of testing and evaluations. Implementing lean practices and organizing them on a mounted dry erase board will improve the overall quality of department research. 


Materials Management

Communication among staff members regarding supplies going in and out of the facility improves the overall service of the hospital. Using a tracking custom dry erase board to record shipments, inventory levels, and several other items that keep a healthcare facility on track with its processes will improve the quality of care.