Designing Your Patient Board with HCAHPS in Mind

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HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) is a patient satisfaction survey required by the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) for all hospitals in the United States.

These surveys are the voice for patients and gives a view into the patient’s perception of the care that is provided. The results are publicly reported for all to see, which directly impacts a healthcare organization’s reputation. Additionally, the government provides reimbursements based on the results, a practice that costs hospitals an estimated $500 million.

Effective and well-designed patient room boards are one of the easiest ways to improve patient satisfaction, up to 6.4 points. Whiteboards significantly increase the proportion of patients that know their physician, goals for discharge, and estimated discharge date.


Reducing Patient Anxiety

Anxiety manifests itself in patients before they even make the decision to seek treatment. Using whiteboards, providers can effectively communicate with patients, explaining the details and reasoning behind tests and procedures. When patients are more satisfied and confident in their care, their 30-day risk-standardization readmission rates decrease.  
Custom boards allow nurses to keep patients up to date on treatment schedule, visiting hours, meal times, etc. 

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Patient Room Boards to Benefit Nurses

Choosing the right content for your custom whiteboard will decrease the level of patient anxiety, keep patients informed and engaged, and make them more satisfied with their care.

When patients take charge of their own care, they are far less likely to rely on nurses every minute of the day. Because of the reduction of patients pressing the call button, nurses have seen significant decreases in workload and stress related to the job.


Building Your Patient Room Board

When designing patient room boards, it’s important to keep in mind how the board will aid in a pleasing aesthetic experience, be placed in a room so it’s easy to read, and be cleaned for infection prevention. 
Important information we recommend including on your board: logo, current date, care team, daily goals, discharge information, and pain management.

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