Private Office

Acoustical solutions, unique communication tools, mobile units, dividers, and modular furniture have made their way into open workstations and offices. The way we work has changed, however, the design of the private office hasn’t.

The story is all about fluidity, making the private office less about isolation and more about encouraging a balance between all the ways you work. Just as spaces within spaces are popping up in the open office, microzones in a private office will create more purpose and organization in a less intimidating environment. These zones provide employees the space and privacy they need to transition between work modes.

The furniture and communication tools in a private space and where they are placed, should lend themselves to transitioning between focused work and collaborative work with visiting team members. Pick out pieces that make your office feel like a home-base through the day. It’s the little things, like a place to put your coat or a picture of your dog that makes your private office a place that you want to work in, not have to.


Focused Work

The desk in a private office is where an employee is going to spend most of their time prepping for presentations, taking business calls, and concentrating on their work. Designing this space to go towards the back of the room will minimize distractions and create a private area out of the way from guests. Communication tools such as LINK board, wrapped fabric, and cork provide a space for personal notes, storage, and reminders.


Collaborative Work

As much as the private office is a space for individual work, it is a place that supports focused collaborative work  and private conversations with visiting team members. Maximize today’s private office by designating a collaboration zone towards the front by the door instead of trying to work on opposite sides of a personal desk. Porcelain and glass dry erase boards are ideal for high usage and adding personality.



Employees are no longer content with cookie cutter spaces with only a name tag to distinguish a space as their own. Each person works a little differently and a private office should reflect that by providing products that encourage a connection to their workplace. Waddell’s Pallet Collection brings personalization, collaboration, and storage into private spaces through configurable accessories.