Back to Work

Meet our space division and communication tools: essential for the return to work and school

As schools, offices, and other businesses begin to reopen, health and safety is paramount. We all need solutions and we need them quickly. Our new products are providing the extra margin of safety needed to continue to operate during this time.

For years, Ghent’s tagline has been Communicate, Collaborate and Learn. Even when products are being used in unique ways, the philosophy does not change.



Create private work areas with double-sided whiteboard partitions. Stable and easily transportable, Ghent’s divider is an option for quick install when temporary walls may not work and is easy to clean and disinfect.

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Clear Mobile Divider
Our workplaces are ever-changing. Businesses are facing health and safety challenges like never before. Ghent's Clear Mobile Divider provides an extra margin of safety during the health screening process for both employees and those doing the screening. Available with a clear acrylic, clear glass, or clear acrylic with a cut out for temperature evaluation. This mobile divider can also be used for separating workstations without obstructing the view between employees.

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Partition Extenders

Ghent’s Partition Extenders add height to cubicles and partitions for added protection, reduced noise, and privacy. As employees return to a full-time normal work schedule, there is no need to tear down cubicles to safely physically separate employees. Save time and money with these panel extenders that are designed to fit on most standard panel and cubicle systems from major office furniture manufacturers. 

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Desktop Protective Screen

Safely separate desks and workstations with Ghent's Attachable and Freestanding Desktop Protective Screens. Available in clear or frosted acrylic, the view between employees is not obstructed and light is still able to pass through. The divider can be easily cleaned and adjusted to fit most desks and tables. 

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As a company driven by innovation, we are using our manufacturing capabilities and components we have in house to produce a protective shield to support the effort of social distancing for essential businesses that need to stay open. These acrylic “sneeze guards” can be used as a transparent barrier on countertops and at check-out areas to encourage physical distancing during necessary interactions.

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