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Ghosting and Staining of Whiteboards

Whiteboard ghosting occurs when dry erase marks are left behind and cannot be erased. Normally, most dry erase marks can be simply wiped away using a whiteboard eraser, and more stubborn marks can be cleaned away with a damp cloth.

Aug 06, 2021


Why Customization Matters

Employees have the opportunity to work more effectively and enjoy areas that reflect their identity (or brand identity) more than areas that are unadorned, plain, and lacking interest.

Jul 30, 2021



Cleaning a Whiteboard: Best Practices

Find all of the do’s and don’ts to keep your whiteboard looking as bright and clean as the first day you got it! From chemical cleaners to natural remedies, you’ll find all the tips and tricks right here.

Jul 09, 2021


Peace and Quiet using Acoustic Dividers

All about acoustic panels for your office space, from desk dividers to stand-alone solutions. By creating a workspace with great acoustics, you give your team (and yourself!) a more enjoyable and engaging space to create and collaborate.

Jul 01, 2021


Take Your Collaborations Anywhere

The most obvious benefit is the added mobility. Mobile whiteboards efficiently utilize workspaces and are a great example of where form meets function.

Jun 21, 2021




Make It Yours: Customization For You

The office is changing, and so is employee culture. Individuals want spaces that reflect who they are and what their brand is, so as to support more creativity. 

May 07, 2021