The Art of Glass - Durability+Strength = Long Lasting

In order to achieve the strength and durability required for certain glass applications, glass must be altered during the manufacturing process. There are two types of treated glass: which heat-strengthened glass or tempered glass.

The Art of Glass - Sustainability

You may be wondering how glass, with its unique characteristics making it a widely used product in various applications, is a sustainable product. The answers may surprise you!

The Art of Glass - Types of Glass

Glass is produced and fabricated for various applications of use.

The Art of Glass - How Glass Is Made

Just take a second and look around, in most instances you will find glass in your surroundings and in various applications.

LINK Now Available in NEW Colors!

We are continuing to add capabilities and options for our customers, and are pleased to introduce four new color options for LINK Hex and LINK Wedge products; Lime Green, Light Blue, Marigold, and Rose.

Choosing the Right Colors

Kerry Rowe has over 20 years of design and development experience in the commercial interiors market.

Glassboards Made Easy - Designed For You

The age of open offices has brought about rustic spaces and spelled death for the cubicle farms. As modern offices change to keep up with the times, colored boards are replacing their white counterparts.

Introducing Ghent's Comprehensive Glass Quick Ship Program

Introducing the most comprehensive glassboard QUICK SHIP PROGRAM. Finishing up a project and missing dry erase boards? Ghent's comprehensive Quick Ship program is available on all White Harmony glassboards with standoffs and Aria low profile glassboards.

Ghent Glassboards Now Available in More Colors, Sizes, & With Logos

We are excited to introduce you to our growing standard offering of glass colors and sizes! With the help of a color expert, we studied trends to pick colors that complement current design aesthetics as well as those that blend seamlessly with our existing palette.

New Additions to Ghent's Glassboard Family

Ghent glass additions adding more capabilities for you! We are happy to introduce 4'x10' glassboards to our standard size offering for both Aria (low profile) and Harmony (standoffs) product lines as well as Ghent Logos, adding your own branding to your glassboards.