Ghent, Waddell, & VividBoard Unveil Showroom at NeoCon 2018

GMi Companies, the parent company of Ghent, Waddell, and VividBoard is extremely excited to announce the opening of our showroom in theMart at NeoCon 2018 in Chicago. The newly formed showroom is located on the tenth floor in space 1060.

GMi Companies Named Workplace Furnishing Supplier of the Year

We're so honored that you chose us as Supplier of the Year! We couldn't be more pleased to help support your efforts and help you continue to grow.

Are You Leaving Profit on the Wall?

When was the last time you included visual communications products into a project you're working on? If the answer is not recently, then it's time to reconsider adding in glassboards, whiteboards, mobiles, bulletin boards, and enclosed boards into the scope!

Ghent Glassboards Partner with BIFMA to set Glass Markerboard Standards

In 2017, we were approached by Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) to help develop standards for glass whiteboards for manufacturers who are selling into the market.

Now Available on ProjectMatrix

GMi Companies is pleased to announce our brands Ghent, Waddell, and VividBoard are now available through Project Matrix.

Designing for the Open Concept - Optimizing Collaboration

Many companies struggle to foster a culture that encourages collaboration.

The Art of Glass - Aesthetics

When the A&D community designs or specs which products they will use in their projects, they must first ask the following questions: will it blend seamlessly, will it stand out, what functionality does it pose, and what does their client want?

The Art of Glass - Increase Employee Well Being & Productivity

Glass, a natural material that uses 20% pre-consumer recycled materials, is manufactured using some of earth’s most plentiful raw materials.

The Art of Glass - Durability+Strength = Long Lasting

In order to achieve the strength and durability required for certain glass applications, glass must be altered during the manufacturing process. There are two types of treated glass: which heat-strengthened glass or tempered glass.

The Art of Glass - Sustainability

You may be wondering how glass, with its unique characteristics making it a widely used product in various applications, is a sustainable product. The answers may surprise you!