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Arrives as Expected

Products made in America have a plethora of benefits, especially in relation to supply chain issues that have made a global impact since the start of the pandemic. Read more on how creating American made products is part of our commitment to better quality and service.

Feb 11, 2022


The Importance of Buying America

The term “Made in the USA” is a statement we don’t see often on our goods, but it’s incredibly important. Learn about the benefits of having your goods made on American soil. 

Dec 10, 2021


Bring the Office Home: Design a Productive Workspace

Discover how to give your home office a boost, making a place that spurs creativity and productivity while still being comfortable. Through design and logistics, we’ve compiled ideas to make your WFH office a success.

Nov 30, 2021




GMi Expansion Makes Room for Waddell Relocation

GMi Companies, parent company of Ghent, Waddell and VividBoard brands and a leader in visual communications and space solutions, is pleased to announce the Grand Opening Celebration of its Lebanon facility expansion on October 28th from 4-6pm.

Sep 30, 2021


The Importance of Cleanability in Education

Classrooms have always been a potential incubator for germs.  Now more than ever, classroom products need to be ahead of the spread; easy to disinfect, durable for repeated use, and functional.

Sep 10, 2021


Educational Furniture ideas for a Classroom Refresh

When it comes to education, a successful student learns not just with a great curriculum, but by cultivating a beautiful environment. Focus, productivity, positivity and serenity are all outcomes of a great workspace. 

Aug 20, 2021