Across the Board: A Ghent Blog

How to elevate your office

Learn more about what office design trends are circulating right now, and how to incorporate them to create an office that supports collaborating, focus and a workspace that benefits not just you and your team, but the environment.

May 06, 2022


Make Your Space Unique

Intentionally elevating both design and communication, Pattern Glass Boards introduce a new realm of possibilities.

Apr 28, 2022


Every Day is Earth Day at Ghent

We take being manufactured in the USA just as seriously as we take our environmental responsibility—reducing our footprint and making our communities cleaner and stronger.

Apr 21, 2022


Leave a Cleaner Mark

Environmentally conscious practices are part of our mission at Ghent. Today, we will be discussing the LEVEL certification, why it’s important and other sustainability practices we follow. 

Apr 15, 2022



Communication Tools

Contrast and compare the benefits of integrating a whiteboard versus a glassboard to your workspace! Both offer a variety of features that make them unique. Read more to understand which option is the best fit for you.

Mar 23, 2022


Trends for the Upcoming School Year

The start of school is fast approaching! Learn about all the upcoming school design trends for 2022 and how to integrate them into your classroom to make you and your students experiences even better.

Mar 18, 2022



Introducing: Prest Wall

Introducing our new Prest Wall, a sleek and innovative communication tool that comes in both a whiteboard and glassboard. Blending function and art, this piece serves multiple avenues of appreciation and need.

Feb 25, 2022