Across the Board: A Ghent Blog

Introducing the LINK Family of Products

Personal spaces need personality. LINK was designed to add color and beauty to modern workspaces by taking traditional features in whiteboards and making them extraordinary!

Need to communicate but don't know who to trust?

Filmmakers have been trusting Ghent to solve their visual communication needs for over 35 years. View our newest video for a sampling of Ghent products featured in film and television.

High Tech's Secret Weapon: The Whiteboard

Why CEO's of the World Love Whiteboards In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Farhad Manjoo tells the story of visiting one of the legends of the app world, Evernote, and the role whiteboards play in their business.

Introducing the Nexus Easel +

In addition to the four tablets a user could hang from the Nexus Easel +, the unit stores up to 8 additional tablets, making this a completely mobile, all-in-one collaboration solution.

Welcome to the Family

We're proud to announce the three newest members to our critically acclaimed line of collaboration furniture, Nexus. For information about how to create mobile, modular and flexible workspaces, check out the Jr. Partition and Partition.