Across the Board: A Ghent Blog

2023 Promotions

2022 was another record year of sales growth for Ghent. With sales growth also comes the opportunity for professional growth and exciting personnel changes.

Feb 03, 2023


The Notes Behind The Name

Ghent's Glassboards are named after musical and dance terms that require the same attention to detail and precision required to perform.  Learn about how Ghent names their glassboard products. 

Dec 27, 2022


Earn CEU Credits with Ghent

Communicate, Collaborate and LEARN with us! Ghent offers a number of CEUs for you and your team to stay in-the-know about the hot industry topics. Read about what each presentation entails. 

Sep 21, 2022


How to Get Privacy in an Open Office

Open offices are great for collaboration and creativity–but not so much for privacy. There are some clever ways to get around this conundrum, though. With well-designed office furniture, your workspace can return to a place of focus and productivity.

Aug 11, 2022



A New Ghent Takes Center Stage at NeoCon

Learn more about our exciting reveal, showcasing “A New Ghent”! With this major brand merge comes a lot of new, engaging changes to how we do business and the products we have to offer. Read on to find out about how Ghent is showing up in big, exciting ways for 2022!

Jun 16, 2022


Ghent, VividBoard, and Waddell to Merge into One Brand

After four decades of producing industry-leading visual communications and space solutions, parent company GMi is excited to announce the merging of Waddell display solutions and VividBoard patient care boards under its flagship brand, Ghent.

Jun 16, 2022


The Impact of NeoCon through the years

Learn more about NeoCon, one of the leading platforms and main events showcasing the latest in commercial interior design. Find vendors, purchase products and integrate it into your space for a brand new look and feel.

Jun 01, 2022


California: Taking Design to New Heights

Discover interior designers in California that are making waves in the industry for their praise-worthy spaces and unique creative eye. Whether you’re looking for modern, industrial or bohemian, each of these Cali-based designers offer something special.

May 25, 2022