Sales Team Adjustments


May 21, 2024 -- The past few months, our sales team has undergone a few strategic adjustments in hopes of continuing our pattern of success and productivity.

First, we are excited to welcome Dale White to our team, joining us as our new Regional Sales Manager of the West. “Dale has an extensive background in our industry and we are looking forward to leveraging his expertise to grow sales in the Western part of the country,” says Kevin Johnson, Vice President of Sales, “We spent many months intentionally looking for the perfect fit to fill the Western Regional Manager position, and I believe we have found this in Dale.”

Dale White joined our team in April 2024 after 21 years in the industry, gaining experience in sales across seven different companies. Through his performance in those roles, White has shown his undeniable ability both in sales, and in leadership.

In addition to this new hire, we have seen two internal promotions, the first being Janine Kuper, who has stepped into the role of Sales Manager for National and E-Commerce Accounts, and the second being Angela Marcotte, who has recently assumed the role of Regional Sales Manager.

“Both Angela and Janine have been with Ghent for several years now, serving in different roles that have prepared them for their new positions,” adds Kevin Johnson, “This speaks not only to the capability that we have within our organization, but also to the growth both have shown. I am thrilled that we were able to fill out our team with internal talent.”

Janine Kuper, a member of the GMi team since 2021, started her journey with us as a Marketing Manager in June 2021. Kuper was then promoted to Senior Marketing Manager in April 2023 before assuming her current sales role this past August. With her extensive background in marketing, Kuper offers a unique perspective to our sales team.

Angela Marcotte’s recently advanced to the position of Regional Sales Manager back in March, a promotion that follows three years of service as an Account Manager, a role she first began two years ago in March 2021. This promotion is a testament to her hard work, dedication to customer experience, and her leadership skills. We have no doubt she will excel in her new role.

With these recent changes, we are sure to drive towards yet another milestone year in sales performance!


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