The Nexus Tablet


The goal of the Nexus family is to make collaboration easy with adaptable products that work together to fit into any environment. The Nexus Tablet represents this definition most. The Nexus Tablet is what makes Nexus a family of products, rather than just a collection.

The Link

Apart from the Tablet, the Nexus family includes the Wallboard, Partition, Easel, Easel+, almost all of which are compatible with the Nexus Tablet.

Easel and Easel+

Both the Nexus Easel and Easel+ are the most compatible for use with the Tablet. On both, up to 4 Nexus Tablets can be attached to the aluminum frame of the board with the additional x-pegs and x-hangers. By attaching the Tablets, you can extend your writing surface, which makes Nexus Easel a perfect homebase for your team.

Description automatically generatedThe Nexus Easel+, pictured below, has an additional storage feature beneath the main writing surface with the ability to contain an additional 4 Tablets. With these additional 4 boards, Easel+ is perfect to support collaboration; the 8 Tablets in total mean that everyone, even in larger groups can have their own space to write and take notes while the Easel can serve as a hub to keep everyone on the same page.


Description automatically generatedLike the Easel, the use of the supplemental x-peg and x-hangers allow for the seamless attachment of up to four Nexus Tablets onto the frame of the Partition to extend the writing surface, no matter if the surface is fabric or the standard magnetic porcelain. Whether you need space for sketching ideas, jotting down notes, or collaborating on projects, the Tablet opens the partition to far more possibilities, transforming it into a more multifunctional station.


Although the Nexus Tablet brings efficiency to each of the other products in the family, the Nexus Tablet is just as useful independently. At just 28"H x 28"W, the smallest of any Ghent whiteboard, it is a perfect size to be used as a practical handheld surface without compromising space for brainstorming.

Family of Products

The Nexus family finds its synergy in the Tablet. It unifies the collection and enhances the other products, while still maintaining its own individual excellence. Without the Tablet, the Nexus family would not be the valuable tool for productivity and collaboration that it has proven itself to be.


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