Leaving a Cleaner Mark


Ghent is committed to living by our six core values:

  • Do the Right Thing
  • Be Caring and Compassionate
  • Preserve the Environment
  • Dive and Embrace Change
  • Engage in Open Communication
  • Promote Teamwork

Ghent makes sure to work towards a better world by prioritizing sustainable practices. Preserving the Environment for future generations requires effort from all parties. We strive to go beyond the guidelines set by environmental compliance laws to minimize our impact on the planet.

What is LEVEL?


Known as the "voice of the commercial furniture industry," Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association (BIFMA) is a non-profit trade association that sponsors the development and refinement of standards that promote sustainability throughout the commercial furniture industry.


LEVEL is the leading sustainability standard for both the General Services administration (GSA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The LEVEL e3 sustainability certification program looks beyond just the manufacturing process when determining whether a product will receive certification; their investigation goes deeper and investigates how the company that makes the product is run as well as how they treat their laborers their impact to their community.

How Certification Works

LEVEL's criteria fall into three main categories: Environmental Impact, Health and Wellness Impact, and Social Impact. For each criterion, a product is considered for and meets, 1-4 points will be earned. Points earned represent one of three types: Organizational, Product, or Facility. Depending on the number points a product earns, it will be awarded one of the three levels of certification:

  • Tier 1: 32-48 points; at least five product related
  • Tier 2: 49-68 points; at least sixteen product related
  • Tier 3: 69-111 points; at least twenty-six product related

Ghent Products

Ghent has a LEVEL 2 certification on our Aria, Harmony, Coda, Define, Border, and Pointe glassboards with no restrictions. Our glass products are the only products in the industry that have earned this certification. We earned our initial certification on these products in January 2021, and in January 2024 we were notified our renewal was approved for an additional 3 years!

How We Do This

Ghent seeks raw materials that can be recycled. Since 95% of Ghent Products are manufactured in the States, we can manage the entirety of our process closely, from sourcing to assembly. Our Aria and Harmony glassboards feature the use of water-based paints, which cut down on VOCs, and low-iron glass, which saves money and allows for easy installation.


The most notable way we reduce our impact on the earth is through recycling:

  • The steel we use is made of 70% recycled material
  • Our aluminum is composed of a minimum of 75% scrap
  • The wood products we use are 80% recycled content

Wrap Up

Our recycling and efforts towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as our community outreach efforts are a big part of why our glass products received LEVEL certification. Ghent is committed to sustainability, and partners with other companies that hold eco-consciousness as a core value. Overall, we hold ambitious standards that ensure our products are ethical, made with integrity and will last a lifetime.




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