Introducing: Aria Connect


Tools to Match the Task

More than ever, collaboration is happening from two different places at the same time. The shift is an exciting revolution, but it’s time for tools to help the process. Technology that allows capturing and sharing the whiteboard brings remote brainstorm sessions to the next level.


In the Room Together

Aria Connect provides meeting experience equality between participants whether attending in-person or virtually, making hybrid work environments easier for everyone to manage. Ghent’s Aria Connect includes a Kaptivo board image capturing camera and an Aria Glassboard with printed calibration graphics for a complete glass board collaboration system.



There are a few main use cases of the brilliant whiteboard camera. We’ll take a deeper dive into these industry applications in this article.


Board Image Capturing Camera Use Cases

  • •  Enterprises can secure company IP, efficiently archive and share whiteboard content, and livestream to global offices. 

  • •  Educational institutions can digitize any traditional whiteboard without changing the way educators and students work. 

  • •  Remote workers can participate more productively when collaborating with distributed team members or clients. 



Truly meet people where they are—Kaptivo’s web-based interface runs in any internet browser. No extra downloads of applications are necessary.



Images are automatically enhanced to remove any glare, reflections, or people that may be blocking the whiteboard.



A secure connection ensures no intellectual property or confidential information will be compromised.


Ease of Use

The camera is designed with a status LED and concealed USB port for connecting to the control pad making it an intuitive experience for live sharing. 



Use Cases: Experience Equality

The versatility of the Board Image Capturing Camera technology means it can be used in many different settings. Specifically, Aria Connect is useful in education, work settings, and healthcare. It doesn’t stop there, though. 



For remote learning settings, Aria Connect can help facilitate lesson plans between teachers and students. The ease of use can minimize any technical difficulties that often arise. Quality of imaging can help students get the full picture—clearly—and take full advantage of learning from afar. This creates equity for students that might be visual learners and need all the accommodations of seeing the explanations illustrated as the class is taught.



Aria Connect is helpful for workplaces that may be distributed. It doesn’t matter if your employees are in different states—or even countries— because this technology can make it feel like everyone is in the room together with real-time updates. Brainstorming sessions can be better carried out when everyone can see the whiteboard. The technology creates equity among both in-office and remote workers because the communication is still clear between both groups.



Aria Connect can enable telehealth appointments. Being able to look at the same screen can be helpful when doctors or nurses need to explain certain concepts. They can use the board to draw pictures of a process, can list options of choices for treatment, or illustrate anatomical structures. Really, the applications in healthcare are endless! These remote visits are still heavily used with many at-risk patients preferring telehealth over in-person visits, to limit exposure to viruses.


The Details

Aria Connect’s glassboard has no visible hanging hardware or stand-offs, the beautiful and frameless glass complements modern interior design and offers an unobstructed writing surface. Ghent’s engineers developed a heavy-duty hanging system that promotes security and confidence in the installation of your glassboard. The glassboard is constructed using premium ¼" tempered glass and when installed, floats just ½" from the wall. The lower steel support bar doubles as integrated magnetic marker storage, keeping the writing surface free from clutter and keeping necessary accessories within arm’s reach.


Safe Shipping

Each board ships to you in Ghent's worry-free packaging, designed specifically for shipping glassboards. As an added bonus, each glassboard comes with 4 markers and an eraser. Aria Glassboards carry a 50-year warranty and are made in the USA. To learn more about Ghent's full line of glassboards click here.



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