The Next Great Office Design: The Fourth Space


Outdoor workspaces are becoming increasingly popular in modern offices. Research has shown that they can improve the health, wellbeing, and productivity of workers, making them desirable for both businesses and building owners. People have an innate need to be outside, and being outside throughout the workday is enough to boost the happiness and health of employees.

Studies have also shown that exposure to nature can improve focus, productivity, and performance. Outdoor spaces provide flexibility for employees to choose where and how they work and are a key factor for employee attraction and retention. They can also be a great investment for building owners, allowing them to achieve higher rentable areas and dollar amounts. The United Nations is pushing for universal access to green spaces for all people, and the BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) guidelines now include standards for outdoor office spaces.

Read more about the science behind outdoor workspace in our latest whitepaper: Are The Great Outdoors The Next Great Office Design?



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