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Glass with Class

Intentionally elevating both design and communication, Pattern Glass Boards introduce a new realm of possibilities.


High Quality


Available on both Aria and Harmony glassboards, the patterns, crafted using the pointillism technique, are visible from far away yet subtle up close. The artwork is printed below the glass surface ensuring it will never smudge or fade regardless of repeated use. All of our glassboards are backed by a 50-year manufacturer warranty.



When not in use, Pattern Glass transforms functional glassboards into a modern piece of art for your space. When a huddle, brainstorm, or planned meeting is needed, apply dry erase markers and let the ideas flow.



Aligning with the same natural imagery it is portraying, our glassboards are made from recycled glass. You can feel good about your purchase, knowing you're supporting environmental efforts.


Origin of Design

The seven different patterns are derived from nature or geometry. Each design is inspired by the following sources




Biophilia and Prairie feature a half-tone filter, allowing for softer, nostalgic imagery while still maintaining a connection to nature. The half-tone aesthetic is inspired by large-scale newsprint and pop art imagery of the 1960s. The subtlety of these abstracted images works in many settings and is not relegated solely to healthcare.



Taking inspiration beyond earth and into the cosmos, Starburst is a gridded, regimented writing surface with a star design, appearing where the lines cross. Space exploration is back at the forefront of science and technology developments – as well as art and design.



Geology-inspired, Swirl, and Topo are top-down views of environmental patterns. Swirl is a closer view of rock stratification, while Topo is an abstract view of natural features in a mapped area. Both showcase boundless, undulating lines that act as a fluid backdrop.



Drawing inspiration from honeycombs, snowflakes, and minerals, Hexa provides a pattern of large, subtle hexagons that run along the sides of this artwork, allowing for ample writing opportunities. Its soft appearance showcases your notes with ease.



More modern in aesthetic, our Dots all-over pattern was inspired by the subtle dots of the half-tone images Biophilia and Prairie. This pattern is subtle, not drawing too much attention while still encouraging inspiration and calm.


Put in Place

Which design is your favorite? With such a variety, one of the patterns is sure to fit with your aesthetic. Reach out today at (800) 543-0550 for more information or to request a quote.


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