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Understanding the Benefits of Both: Glassboards vs Whiteboards

During the 90’s, when chalkboards were on their way out, whiteboards began to dominate the scene. Since then, whiteboards (and later on, glassboards) have become the standard for classrooms, offices and other establishments. Because both are easy to clean (unlike chalkboards) and aesthetically more pleasing, you can imagine how many varieties are out there now – which can get overwhelming.

Between porcelain whiteboards and glassboards, there are many different options to choose from and each has their own unique benefits. Here is our comparison on each type of communication tool, so that you can make an informed decision on which one will best meet your needs. So, the debate is: whiteboards vs glassboards. 



Glass is the newest writing surface to hit the market. With its beautiful sleek appearance, easy cleanability and other distinct features, it’s no surprise it’s giving porcelain writing surfaces competition. Here is a quick list of benefits and areas we think glass boards can enhance. 

Glassboard Benefits:


  • Glass inherently will not ghost or stain, due to its non-porous nature! What is ghosting, you ask? Ghosting happens when you erase your writing, and it doesn’t completely wipe away, leaving a faint trance of what you’ve written down behind. This can be a pesky issue, especially if you are in a scenario where you are writing down sensitive or private information. Fortunately, glass doesn’t allow for this issue to occur.


  • With its non-porous surface, cleaning the surface of glass boards is extremely easy. Taking a microfiber cloth or slightly damp cloth works just fine. With its easy cleanability, your glass board also stays looking brand new for longer.


  • Glassboards work especially well in modern offices or spaces, bridging the gap as a unique solution between function and design. Glassboards typically have frameless edges and minimal hardware, making them a sleek option if your space has that particular aesthetic.


  • Contrary to assumption, glassboards are incredibly easy to install. Because of their unique design, they look like they may have taken hours to integrate into your space, but fear not!


  • Made from tempered glass, glassboards may seem like they could be fragile, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Despite their beautifully intricate and elegant appearance, these boards are made to last and withstand high-use areas with ease.


Glassboards are often sought after solely for their aesthetic appeal. The clean, modern lines and high-end look provide something special for corporate offices, higher education spaces and specialty medical practices. Check out all of our glassboard options here

Porcelain Whiteboards


Ah, the traditional whiteboard. We know and love it. While it may not be trendy or the most sleek option, this classic board has a plethora of benefits and reasons as to why it's stood the test of time as a trusted communication tool. Here are some reasons why we love a good classic porcelain whiteboard.

Porcelain Whiteboard Benefits:


  • Porcelain whiteboards are also non-porous. Similarly with the glass, they are resistant to ghosting or staining and scratching, even with heavy daily use. Made to withstand especially high-use zones, porcelain whiteboards stay looking as good as new.


  • Because of their bright white background, porcelain whiteboards create an easy contrast between the background and what you write down, making it easy to read.


  • Whiteboards have been designed in a multitude of different styles to suit any need. From wall-mounted ones to mobile boards to even personal hand-helds, This variety makes it that much easier to find ones that work for your specific situation.


  • Porcelain whiteboards are laid on steel, creating an unbeatable level of durability. We build all of our boards to last for decades, and we are sincere in our promise of longevity and each porcelain board comes with a 50-year warranty.


  • Because of how durable they are, they are inherently a more eco-conscious decision (which aligns with our mission) and that’s always a good thing!


Not sure how to keep your whiteboard looking spiffy? We’ve got you. Many people have questions about how to keep their bright white board looking great, and it can be intimidating at first, especially the first time you use a black marker on it!  We’ve compiled some tips on how to keep your whiteboard looking brand new below:


  • We recommend that you clean your whiteboard with whiteboard cleaner before initial use. This will remove any residue from the surface of the board.


  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.


  • Completely erase your board after daily use. The longer marks remain on the board, the more difficult they become to erase.


  • For general cleaning, simply wipe your board clean with a soft, wet cloth. If further cleaning is necessary, use a whiteboard cleaner.



Our whiteboards come in many different options, here are some of the various surface choices you can go with:


  1. 1. Porcelain: The porcelain-on-steel that is designed to resist ghosting, staining or denting.


  2. 2. Acrylite: The look of glass with the durability of porcelain. Lightweight and a beautiful aesthetic.


  3. 3. Painted Steel: Magnetic and durable, its white surface looks beautiful and is designed for moderate use.


  4. 4. Powder-coated steel: A high-performance dry erase surface. The steel board can be finished with a variety of powder-coat colors adding aesthetic variety.


  5. 5. Non-magnetic: An economical alternative to porcelain or painted-steel whiteboards, all while providing years of reliable performance.



Whiteboards are a great option for conference rooms, schoolrooms and classrooms and especially medical facilities. With the variety of options and models of whiteboards, they are easily integrated regardless of need. 


PIcking the right product is key in having an enjoyable experience with your new communication tool. With many different options, it's clear there is no “right versus wrong” choice, but more so deciding what feels best for you! Whether you go with a classic whiteboard, or desire the unique look and function of a glass board, each will serve you as a well-made and durable solution that will hold and share all of your best ideas.


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