Women in Leadership: An Interview with Charlotte Kemp


Women in Leadership: Charlotte Kemp


Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do.

I am from Michigan but have lived in Ohio for quite some time.  My family is still in Michigan so I go back a couple of times each year.  I am an empowering HR leader with a perspective and appreciation that employees are every organization’s greatest asset. I pride myself on being a genuine influencer who thrives on tough challenges and translates visions and strategies into actionable, value-added goals.

What advice would you give to young women entering this profession/industry?

Modern HR professionals handle everything from employer branding to hiring; career development and organizational design; company culture, business partnering as well as strategy and policies. In order to succeed in modern HR, you need to develop three key skills – business acumen, high EQ, and influence.

You really need to act like a sponge and learn all aspects of the business and having a genuine curiosity about the business will get you far.  HR professionals who can think on their feet and display great dexterity in their responses to emotional situations are in a good position to get things done. Finally, it is all well and good to thoroughly understand the business (business acumen) and to understand how to navigate people well (EQ), but all of that is fairly useless if nobody listens to you. The ability to bring people along with you, change their minds, challenge their thinking, and propel them into action is how the real work of HR gets done. 

 How do you balance your career, personal life, and passions? Is there such a thing as balance?

I struggle with balance but I think it is very important to have a personal life and outside interests.  I am on two non-profit boards and belong to Impact 100, an organization that empowers women to improve lives by collectively funding significant grants that make a lasting impact in our community.  I believe in giving back and connecting with others.  I am lucky to have many close friends that help balance me out. In addition, I believe in working out and physical activity.  It really helps me clear my thoughts and re-energizes me to take on all the things I want to accomplish.

 What is an inspirational quote that is significant to you in your work life? 

You learn the impact of the work you do when you connect with the people who are affected by it. - Rohit Paul

 Who was/is your role model and/or leadership mentor?

I love Simon Sinek and have many strong women around me as mentors.  I value diversity in my relationships which allows me to continue to grow as a person and leader.

 What advice would you give your 25-year-old self?

You never stop being yourself, so continue to do what you love.  Also, do not focus on all that you do wrong but celebrate the wins.  Embrace the journey!



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