The Importance of Buying America

Locally Sourced Is The Future

There used to be a time, long ago, where in our country nearly everything you bought was made in the States. However, as time progressed and companies began to shift their production overseas to cut costs and deal with fewer regulations, that statement is rarely seen on items today. 

At Ghent, we take into consideration factors like ethical concerns, safety, quality and environmental impacts, which is why everything we produce is Made in the USA. And of course, a hearty dose of American pride is part of our reasoning, too! 

Buy American, Buy Local

Buying locally doesn’t stop in your city! Buying locally includes your country, and the plethora of great artists, companies and vendors that exist where you live. Here are three reasons why choosing American-made is a more conscious choice. 


One reason it’s cheaper to manufacture goods in developing countries is that they typically have few or no environmental regulations. These factories produce large amounts of hazardous chemicals that pollute the air, water, and soil. Additionally, products made abroad have a greater distance to travel, and therefore have a much higher carbon footprint than U.S.-made goods and materials. When you buy products made in the USA, your dollars actively help protect and ensure a healthier planet for future generations.

Ethics and Human Rights

In many countries, foreign labor standards are inadequate, unenforced, and undermine the concept of “fair and free trade.” When you buy American you support not only American workers, but also safe working conditions, workers rights, child labor laws, environmental regulations, transparent and ethical corporate behavior, fair wages, and ethical production. Supporting brands that make their products on American soil is a vote for better work standards for all.

Quality and Pride

Many people want to know where the products they integrate into their lives come from. Current generations want quality versus quantity, and while items bought locally can come at a larger price tag, it also comes with the assurance that you have invested in a quality piece. 

Ghent is proud to craft all of our products on our country’s land, ensuring that our staff is treated fairly, the materials are ethically sourced, our standards are kind to the environment and that you end up with a product you love for a lifetime.

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