Refresh Your Office Space with These Customizable Products


Why Customize?

Many people spend money to customize their homes or cars, to make them attractive and comfortable. So, why isn’t this prioritized more in the office? Comfortable spaces that efficiently function are key to successful work hours. In today’s modern office, open-layouts operate smoother with multi-purpose assets – furniture that serves beyond one single purpose. 

Today, we are reviewing the benefits of customizable office products, and some of our personal favorites that can help elevate your office. So, why customize?

  •   Effective size and storage. Configurable and customizable furniture comes made to suit your needs. A lot of standard office furniture comes in one size only, whereas the benefits of customizable furniture include being able to shine bright in any space and still fully serve its purpose.
  • •  Personalization. Custom furniture allows for your own personal touch! A personalized workspace can be far more enjoyable to work in. Picking the size, color and special additions can leave you feeling inspired and grounded. 
  • •  Value for your dollar. Rather than buying a mass produced product, investing in a piece of office furniture that is not only built well, but built in the way you want ensures that you are happy with your new addition. 
  • •  Positively boosts employee morale. Having a personalized workspace can impact the cognitive state of your employees. 


Fully Customizable, Fully Functional

At Ghent, all of our products are customizable and can be purchased without a minimum order requirement. Yes, you read that right! From custom whiteboards to custom space division, the options are endless when you choose Ghent. 


Our Prest Mobile Whiteboard is a sleek, elevated take on a classic whiteboard. We believe that functional office pieces can also be beautiful furniture. With it’s dynamic wood frame and matte black steel hardware, it can blend into any decor. The porcelain surface of the whiteboard resists staining and ghosting, and comes with a marker holder and 4 high-quality markers matching the quality of your board! The backing is also available in fabric options that come in 21 colors or your favorite custom color and the glass option comes in 18 colors or a custom shade. Additionally, the rich oak frame comes in natural, carmel or driftwood shade.

Floor Partition
Privacy and collaboration can exist together in harmony with Floor Partition. The 2.5 million configurable options make it easy to create a “third space” where you can get your creative energy flowing. Whether you desire an area for meetings, solo work or collaborative zones, this partition offers all of that and more. Panels are available in porcelain whiteboard, tackable vinyl, fabric or cork, acoustic PET, acrylic or high-pressure laminate – all of which eliminates the need for additional pieces within your workspace. 


Stroll Mobile Glassboard
The addition of a Stroll Mobile Glassboard offers a multitude of options, including space division. Stroll offers acoustic buffering, tackable surfaces, and writing surfaces. Additionally, several glassboards can be aligned to create a space division that supports all your solo efforts – and group efforts, too.


Through customization, opportunities multiply for happier employees and an efficient workspace. Time to brainstorm on new ways to configure your space!



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