Peace and Quiet using Acoustic Dividers


Removing Noise, Improving Performance

Have you ever sat down in an office and just felt like you knew you weren’t going to be able to get any work done? The issue could be poor office acoustics. 

It’s no surprise to anyone: when you have a noisy workspace, creativity and focus simply don’t happen. We know the importance of pure focus when working on projects or simply doing your day-to-day tasks, which is why we incorporated sound absorption with our designs.

Acoustic solutions are beneficial to any office space, doubling as sound solutions and stylish pieces to integrate into your work zone. Specifically for open layout offices, these products can serve as an acoustic room divider that honors both your solo and collaborative efforts.

Solutions for the Sound

The products listed below give you a run-down of their benefits, where they work well, and added bonuses they provide you and your team!




We had to give the first spot to Reed Acoustic Partition, the latest addition to our acoustic solutions line. Alleviating noise while providing privacy, Reed is a lightweight, crescent-shaped partition that fits seamlessly into your space. Not limited to straight lines and able to swivel 360-degrees, Reed can be configured into more unique shapes and placed in trickier spaces. Whether you adjust the panels side by side for privacy features or staggered so as to let light in while still benefiting from noise-dampening, Reed adjusts to any room.


Acoustic Desktop Surround

In today’s day and age, our Acoustic Desktop Surround really shines. These acoustic solutions create a private workspace even at your desktop, noise dampeners, and a safe, sanitary solution. Returning to the office can feel unsafe, which is why the addition of an acoustic desktop solution can benefit you in a plethora of ways. Clean and disinfect these dividers with bleach and other common cleaners – worry-free! Our PET felt fabric is created from recycled water bottles, meaning it absorbs sound, is tackable for all your office note needs, and safe for planet earth, too.



Our Hex bulletin boards function not only as acoustic panels but as artwork, too! These uniquely shaped acoustic designs are configurable for any fun design you want to see on your office wall. Our Hex boards come not only in acoustic panels, but also LINK powder-coated steel, wrapped fabric and glass. Create your own wall art by mixing and matching different surfaces and give your team a fun and functional way to communicate, collaborate and enjoy a more peaceful office space.


In offices around the world, we have many pressing issues to navigate – which sometimes means that office acoustics aren’t considered as quickly as other spaces. Sound has a profound impact on our lives and can determine how we function and feel in a space. By creating a workplace environment with great acoustics, you develop an office that is more productive and more enjoyable to work within.



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