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The modern office has had its fair share of evolution in recent years, going from a traditional layout, to open, to a modern-day hybrid. With the diversity of office needs, it comes as no surprise that furniture needs have also changed. Mobile furniture increases versatility, giving you the ability to reconfigure your space based on your needs. Through the specific addition of mobile whiteboards, you can reap a multitude of benefits that will enhance your overall office experience! 


The Benefits of Whiteboards on Wheels



The most obvious benefit is the added mobility. Mobile whiteboards efficiently utilize workspaces and are a great example of where form meets function. With our Roam Mobile Whiteboard, the options are endless. Roam gives you the ability to nest multiple whiteboards together so that you can maximize on space. When in use, you can line up your Roam boards to create one large writing surface, for easy and on-the-go collaboration. Created with a low center of gravity, Roam is stable and easy to move across various surfaces.


Mobile whiteboards are incredibly cost effective, due to the fact that with the added mobility, you no longer need to purchase whiteboards for all your office rooms. If you’re looking for a whiteboard that is mobile and also is a beautiful furniture piece, look no further than Prest Mobile Whiteboard. Its rustic wood frame and matte black steel detailing elevates it from a whiteboard to a decorative piece. Prest gives you the option to choose between porcelain whiteboard surface, glass, or tackable fabric so that if you are buying just one board for your office, it can suit all your needs from the first use.


Whiteboards on wheels can also work well when used as room dividers, whether in a large conference room or an open floor plan workspace. Nexus Partitions serve you not only as a whiteboard or fabric bulletin surface, but also as a sleek room divider. Our Nexus Partitions have our signature durable casters while also having a bottom support bar, making it easy to move. Nexus is also available in two different sizes, and has the option for added accessories. By adding Nexus Tablets to your Nexus Partition, you can accommodate more collaboration and detailed note organization.


Overall, the addition of a mobile whiteboard is beneficial, even if your workspace isn’t an open-layout. From its configurability, ease of use and cost effectiveness in the long-run, our line of mobile boards will make collaborating with your team that much better.



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