Spring Interior Design & Colors


What Is Your Office Saying?

The way you design your home communicates something about who you are, and the same goes for your office. While homes and offices are very different, it’s still important to put thought into the look and feel of your workspace. Interior design affects people’s moods, productivity, drive, inspiration and everything in between. Designing your workspace has become conducive to a healthy and collaborative team, and now that individuals are making their way back into the office, it’s more important than ever to ask yourself: “What is my office saying?”

Office design has consistently been one of the main ways businesses convey who they are. Clients, customers and employees all receive a message from office design, and it’s important to take into account your brand when redesigning your office space. Your space should reflect your brand values and integrity, so that people get a solid sense of your company’s personality. Every detail is able to be curated to reinforce a cohesive image. 

This year, as with any year, there are specific spring colors that are trending. So why not add a little “spring design” into your spring cleaning? 


Spring Into a New Design

What are spring colors? In most color analysis, you’ll find that spring colors consist of a palette of pastels, as well as a blend of cool and warm tones. Shades that you find in nature are prevalent in spring design are: sage green, pastel yellows, creamy pinks and oranges, and clear blues, as well as neutral tones such as tan, white and cream. 

Many interior designers categorize springtime colors into two main groups: bright spring and pastel spring hues. Colors you’ll see in a bright spring palette this year are: azure and cobalt blues, poppy red, vibrant yellows, emerald greens and lush purples. For a more pastel spring, this year you’ll see colors like: pastel jade and aqua, peach, rose and warm light greys and whites. 


Putting It All Together

As you know, the color scheme of a room can define the look and feel of a space. Below are 3 color combinations you can use this spring for your workspace that will give your surroundings a great refresh while still feeling professional and up to date with current trends.


  • 1.  White/Neutral Monochrome: Whether you have a traditional office or open layout, a white or neutral monochrome office can give any room a fresh, modern feel. This color scheme gives it an open airiness, which works well in home offices or smaller spaces. Additionally, this color scheme tends to not go out of style, making it easy to transition from season to season.

  • 2.  Sage/Light greens: A cool (and therefore calming!) shade, green is one of the easiest colors on the eye – which makes it ideal if you work long hours. Associated with nature, balance and harmony, green is a great main color or accent color, adding a grounding, organic feel. 

  • 3.  Light blues: It is a well-known fact that blue is the most calming and serene color. Elegant and professional, blue is a great year-round color that never goes out of style. Blue is associated with trust, logic and efficiency, which are great subtle communications to any potential client or employee. 


Through enhancing the layout and interior design of your workplace, you give your employees a pleasing workspace to thrive in, you give your clients a professional area to collaborate in and you give yourself an office to be proud of.




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