Cleanability of Surfaces


Consistently Clean, Always Collaborative

Open-offices are a constantly changing horizon, always adapting for the betterment of their business and team. Now that individuals are slowly returning to the office after many months working from home, how can we continue to make spaces both effective for collaboration while also being sanitary? 

In this transitory time, we want to focus on simple additions that can have powerful change in the office – while also being easy to clean! Specifically, we are focusing on how whiteboards can boost not only the productivity, performance and even the mood of your team, but also a technology that makes them self-cleaning. We will also be covering our new line of fabrics for office furniture that are easy to clean and still customizable for your office needs. 


Sleek, Sanitary and Sustainable.

In our latest resource, ‘Returning to the Office’ whitepaper report, we go through in-depth research that shows how through the intentional addition of whiteboards to the workspace, you can boost the communication, culture, connectivity and collaborative efforts of your team. While highlighting whiteboards, we also cover a plethora of information on how to keep your workspace safe from germs, and offer solutions on how to make a safe and social distanced work space, while still maintaining creativity.

Why have any whiteboard when you can have a self cleaning whiteboard? With our new Hygienic Porcelain, the addition of a Ghent Hygienic Mobile Whiteboard to your office space offers more than just function for your open office, it offers sanitization. Whiteboards are where the team comes together to collaborate and brainstorm, making it a high-use, high-touch zone. With the addition of micro silver particles, which slowly release over the lifetime of the product, it removes bacteria and viruses within twenty-four hours, making it a product that supports your creativity – and your well-being. 

Our Hygienic Mobile Whiteboard is also inherently made to last, with an aluminum frame and durable casters. Curated with a reversing ability to make accessing the other side simple and quick, this whiteboard conforms to your office needs, offers cleanliness and is sleek, adding an element of design to any space.

In addition to the sanitary benefits of hygienic porcelain, we also realize that textiles are now undergoing the rigors of constant sanitization. That is why Ghent partnered with Guilford of Maine to curate fabrics that are specifically dyed to handle bleach and other strong chemicals without damaging the integrity of the weave or opacity of color. Depending on what tier the fabric you’ve selected is in, you can choose from a wide range of colors to amplify the uniqueness of your space. Take a look at our Tiered Fabrics catalog to choose the best fabric for your space.

Whether you’re taking these products into consideration for your home office or your open workspace, we are proud to be a resource for you to create a sustainable and clean environment that supports you and your team through high quality office furniture and work boards.



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