Recycling in the Workplace


For many of us, we know the importance of recycling in our homes. Similarly, recycling in the workplace is just as vital. It can save businesses money and also make for a more eco-conscious team. Nearly half of the waste generated in the U.S. alone comes from businesses and other non-residential locations. Today, we want to highlight recycling opportunities you can be aware of in your own business space, and also three of our products that align with the mission of creating a greener earth - figuratively and literally. 


Where Do We Start?

Introduce Recycling Bins in Prominent Locations 
Recycling in today’s day and age goes beyond paper, cans and plastic bottles. Computers, ink cartridges, cell phones and other e-waste items are just a few in the vast array of items recycling companies will reuse and reclaim. Doing a waste audit can help you understand what the materials that are being trashed are and begin to recycle them.

Always be sure to check with your local municipality and waste collector first, but this is a simple checklist of items that your office may be throwing away but could be recycled instead:

  • •   E-waste: computers, cables, old cell phones, printers or any other unwanted electronic item.
  • •   Cardboard (think of all those boxes!)
  • •   Newspapers and magazines
  • •   Aluminum cans, plastic bottles, pizza boxes and other food packaging waste.
  • •   Scrap papers, folders and files. 


Choosing with Intention

When it comes to being eco-friendly in the office furniture and assets you invest in, it can take a little extra research. Below are some of our products that provide added efficiency and are also made with recycled materials!

  • Our Acoustic Desktop Surround is helpful in any office setting. Made of tackable PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) felt that is made from recycled plastic water and soda bottles, it offers approachability to colleagues while also providing a certain degree of privacy for maximum efficiency. It’s also easy to transport and pack away, as it stores flat and assembles without tools.


  • Another great addition to any workspace is the Enclosed Recycled Rubber Bulletin Boards which are made from 90% recycled tire material. Since rubber is inherently self-healing, it can withstand a lot of use and won’t show the wear and tear that comes from repeated tacking and pinning, while also being stain and fade resistant. Rubber is easy to keep clean with common disinfectants, thus being great for use anywhere from hospitals to schoolrooms to the common areas in your office. It’s customizable, with the option for solid black, tan or confetti speckled surface and wooden or aluminum frames.


  • The Aria Projection Glassboard doubles as a floating glass writing board and a projection screen, making a great addition to your conference room or shared workspace. This board is 100% recyclable and made from recycled sand and glass, and is able to be mounted to any and every surface - from concrete to drywall! The glass surface can also come in a magnetic or non-magnetic option, and while white is recommended for the best quality projection, it comes in any standard or custom color.


Every Step Matters!

Ghent is committed to a greener future. As we state in our Commitment to Sustainability, being environmentally conscious is not just a core value, but a defining feature in our company culture. In fact, we just received our Level 1 Green Certification, and we will continue to be dedicated to our passion of keeping our planet healthy. We hope these recommendations help you and your team gain new awareness for opportunities within your space to create a more eco-friendly environment - and in turn, a more eco-friendly world.



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