Showroom VR Tour Spotlight



Safe Way to See 

In the contact-free, touchless world we’re living in now, technology has been invaluable. Meetings completed remotely and digitally, touch-free check out at registers, doctor’s appointments through your computer are just a few ways we’ve all adapted. Thankfully, Ghent already has a special virtual reality tour of our showroom up and running. It’s the perfect opportunity to see what pieces we have to offer while staying safe.


What’s New This Year 

GMi Companies' updated showroom showcases "What's Next" for Ghent, VividBoard, and Waddell. This year we focused on displaying Ghent's premium surfaces to help foster creativity and collaboration in different applications. Additionally, our extended capabilities are highlighted by color matching, custom sizes, and graphic pattern printing.


Experience Our Showroom 

On this page, you have two ways to view the showroom. The first section contains the Virtual Reality application. If you’d rather have someone walk you through the showroom, we have you covered there, too. The second section on the page has a video you can watch.


Another Way to View

For an extra way to check out products, view this digital version that showcases products in a real space. Choose to see the products in either an office or educational environment on our spaces page. Get inspiration for your own spaces by looking at the product environments and filter your searches by types of environments such as collaborative, classrooms, or makerspace.


VR Advantages

What are the benefits of checking out the VR showroom? All of the features help take the guesswork out of which pieces might work in your space.  


How To Use It

Here’s a quick tutorial for using the application. Find the circles placed around the showroom. Take your cursor to click on these spots to work your way around. Scroll down the webpage for links to all of the products that are highlighted in the application. Or you can even click on the product within the application and you will get a new webpage that includes features and options along with a link to the sell sheet to learn more details about the product.


Take Measurements 

To zoom back out to select a new area to explore, find the person icon in the lower left of the screen. In this mode, it’s convenient to take measurements to see how pieces might fit in your space. Click the plus icon in the lower middle of the screen and it will direct you to click one point, and then click on the other side to get a measurement.



Feeling stumped? Click the question mark in the upper right to get more information on how to use the app. Next to the question mark is the gear icon, which will allow you to switch to metric measurements. Enjoy using the tech to plan your space!



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