How Real Offices Use Mobile Options




Pivoting in an Ever-changing World 

Resilience and adaptability is the name of the game these days and in the office furniture world, we’re seeing it more than ever. We’ve answered the call to this request for flexibility with three incredible offerings: Stroll, Roam, and Prest. As the name implies, these stunning pieces are designed to roll where you need them.


Stroll With It

First up: Stroll. Many of our clients use this mobile glassboard to encourage brainstorming sessions throughout the office. With heavy-duty, locking casters, Stroll can transition from a carpeted room to a tiled room with no difficulty. That means if you need to move it from a conference room to an active workspace, this is the piece for you. On top of being a tool for communication, the acoustic buffering can also dampen noise in a room or even create a barrier to divide rooms. 


Options Galore

You have lots of possibilities with Stroll. Choose from 4 sizes and 3 panel styles: full glass, 3/4 glass with 1/4 acoustical fabric, or full fabric panel. The writing surface is available in magnetic and non-magnetic. With 18 standard glass colors, it’s easy to coordinate with your office’s decor.


Roam Along 

Next in line: Roam. This is an excellent piece to use in multiples for breakout sessions. Place several around a room for each group to gather ideas. When finished, compile all brainstorms for a truly insightful session. The great thing about Roam is that they can nest together to conserve valuable storage space. A low center of gravity gives Roam stability while writing, and makes it steady when moving from room to room. 


Lastly: Prest. The newest addition to the Ghent family, Prest boasts a prominent wood frame and matte black steel construction. The result is an eye-catching combination that will contribute to the aesthetic of your space. Choose glass, fabric, or porcelain whiteboard surface options to configure Prest to your needs. With multiple wood finishes and fabric available, Prest can be designed to fit seamlessly into any office.


Real Offices, Real Design

With Stroll, Roam, and Prest, you can reconfigure your workplace quickly and easily—all without sacrificing quality or design. For timesaving transitions and space saving solutions, consider Ghent’s mobile glassboards and whiteboards. Discover more about StrollRoam, and Prest—and find out how it can transform your office.

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