The Science Behind Complementary Colors



Opposites Attract
“Wow, your hue is ravishing!” said purple to yellow. Well, that would be "complimentary" colors—but complementary colors are a slightly different concept. It’s the magic combination that happens when two colors are across from each other on the color wheel. Read on to understand what makes the opposites so attractive together.

Different Cones
An Apartment Therapy article explains the science behind the phenomenon: “Different types of cones (the photoreceptor cells in your eye that contribute to color vision) perceive different colors of light. If you stare for a long time at a block of color and then quickly look at a white wall, you’ll see a light afterimage in the opposite, or complementary, color.”

We’ve all read an article and then turned to see the afterimage of the text when our eyes were resting. This is like an extreme version of that, in which your eyes are telling you what color they’d like to perceive next. Interesting stuff, huh?

Seeking Balance
Smithsonian article further explains how your vision creates this reaction: “Your eye wants to see that explosive pop of yellow alongside the purple wall; the complementary colors seem to soothe and balance, since they simultaneously stimulate different parts of the eye.”

Hex Whiteboards
Putting complementary colors into practice for your office can result in harmonious settings with aesthetic appeal. Ghent’s Hex Whiteboards would be an excellent choice to incorporate this concept. Consider using orange and blue; yellow and purple; or red and green to create a wall of hexagonal beauty.

Wedge Whiteboards
Another great option would be to juxtapose complementary colors in the Link Wedge Whiteboard. Marigold with soft blue would be a stunning, modern combination—and rose with green could really help a conference room spring to life. A strong statement piece like either mentioned above would not only anchor a space, but help spur creativity with vibrant hues. Either way, bold combos please the eyes. 



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