Glass Projector Screens and Projector Placement

projection guide

Our Aria Projection Glassboard screen is specially designed to reduce the glare caused by projectors while still allowing for collaboration like a traditional glassboard. Here is a guide on choosing the right projector for your new projection glassboard to minimize glare and maximize the projection quality. 


  1. Choosing the right projector type: Different projector types reflect images as different angles. Understanding the difference in angles and how they affect the intensity of the projected images is important. We recommend using an ultra-short throw ceiling mounted projector when using a projection glassboard as it loses the amount of light intensity and reflect the light away from the viewers. 


  1. Positioning the board in the room: be mindful of natural light and other light sources when placing the board in the room. Projectors are designed with different strength lamps to allow the projector to overcome environmental factors such as the room's natural and artificial light. A wide range of lamp strengths are available and allow projectors to be mounted at different throw distances from the projection surface.  


  1. Selecting a projection glassboard color: We have selected white as our standard projection glassboard color. White gives the viewer the truest color spectrum, giving the best projection quality. With a satin finish on the glassboard, the projection image will be clear and visible while the projection can become too reflective on a normal glassboard. Although the projection will be clear in a lit room, we suggest dimming lights for the best quality and brightness of the projection.  


Hot spots, or spots of glare that prevent the image from reflecting properly, are common when projecting images on to glassboards. Aria Projection Glassboards were specifically designed to reduce the chance of hot spots. We do recommend working with an AV specialist for proper projection placement to reduce the chance of hot spots even further. Learn more about projectors and positioning on our projection user guide. 

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