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Keep Momentum Going
Have you ever harnessed the momentum of putting all the pieces together for a design and you knew that creative runaway train had a time limit? When your vision is rolling, the process benefits from gathering all the components quickly. If you’re facing that creative challenge, and you need to see samples while your artistic vision is in overdrive, there’s a perfect option for you. Read on for details.

Create Your Moodboard 
Here are some suggestions on where to begin. You can start by creating a moodboard. If you would like a readymade space, try Pinterest. If you’d like to make your own, consider the applications Canva, Mural, Moodboard, or The Matboard. After you’ve compiled your digital colors and textures, it’s time to gather the real thing to see how it will look in person. 

Where to Look 
On the Material Bank website, you can request samples of textiles, wood, glass, leather, cork, vinyl (and the list goes on) and receive them the very next day. All in one place, all in one box—the process couldn’t get much easier.

How it Works 
According to Material Bank, here’s how the process works:

  • •  Search: Discover hundreds of leading brands all on a single site.

  • •  Order: Request samples from any manufacturer by midnight (ET).

  • •  Overnight: Receive samples in a single box by 10:30 AM the next day.

  • •  Connect: Get access to your brand reps, quickly and easily.

  • •  Return: Send unneeded samples back to be reused, eliminating waste.

Ghent Within Material Bank 
You can search for Ghent within the Material Bank website to pick out samples of glass, fabric, powder-coated steel and acoustic material to see how they’ll look with the different colors of design elements you’re considering. Request the samples, get them in the mail, gather them in your space, see how it will all coordinate, and then you can make a confident decision. You may have questions on your mind such as, “How will that shade of fabric look next to that stain of wood?” With this process, you can handle some of the uncertainties.

Get Started Today
Request samples today and get your moodboard in motion. See how the colors and textures will coordinate and keep the energy going in your process!


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